How to fix Play Store Error Code 927

Like all the other Android apps, Google Play Store on your android is not completely error free. One of those error codes is Error Code 927. The error message reads like this – “Google Play isn’t responding. Try again in a few minutes”. So, while downloading a game, if your device is getting this error, follow these steps to fix the problem.

Fix 1 – Force Stop & Clean Play Store

You have to force stop the Play Store and wipe out the Play Store data.

Step 1 – Go ahead and find the “Play Store” icon.

Step 2 – Then, just press & hold that once to open the context menu.

Step 3 – Simply, tap the “” to open that up.




Step 4 – Later, tap the “Force Stop” to force stop the Play Store.




Step 5 – After force stopping the Play Store, tap “Storage” to open that.




Step 6 – Tap the “Clear data” to clear the cache and data altogether.




This way, clear the entire cache of Play Store.

The Error Code 927 won’t appear again.


Fix 2 – Uninstall the Play Store Updates

Replace the Play Store on your phone with the factory version of the Play Store. Then, retry the entire process.

Step 1 – To do this, you have to open Settings. To do that, swipe just once and tap the “⚙️”.




Step 2 – Go down straight to find the “Apps” list.




Step 3 – Use the search box at the top of the page to type “play“.

Step 4 – Later, tap the “Play Store” to open that.




Step 5 – Once you get into the Play Store information page, tap the ⋮ and tap “Uninstall updates” to uninstall all the Play Store updates.




Step 6 – A statement like this will appear –

Replace this app with the factory version?

Step 7 – Tap “OK” to finally uninstall the updates.




After uninstalling the updates, get out of the Settings tab.

Now, open the Play Store. As soon it launches, Play Store will automatically download and install the current version of the utility on your phone.

When that happens and home page of the Play Store loads up, try to install the app once more.


Fix 3 – Remove Google Account

If you are still witnessing the “Error Code 927” message, remove the associated Google account, clear the Play Store cache, log in using the same Google account once more.

STAGE 1 Delete the account

Step 1 – Just swipe down once on your mobile screen. Next, tap the “⚙️” to open the Google settings.




Step 2 – After this, tap the “Accounts & backup” to open that up.




Step 3 – On the next page, tap “Manage accounts” so that you can find the accounts.




Step 4 – Locate the Google account you are currently using. If you have multiple Google accounts, you will find multiple entries here.

Step 5 – Now, tap the Google account that are you currently using in Play Store.




Step 6 – There you will find the option to remove the account. So, tap “Remove account“.

Step 7 – Obviously, you will notice a warning message. So, tap “Remove account” another time to delete the account from your phone.




This way, you have removed the Google account from your phone.


STAGE 2 – Clear the Play Store cache

Clear the Play Store cache on your phone.

Step 1 – At first, hold the Play Store icon. Next, tap the “” button.




Step 2 – Navigate to the “Storage” settings.




Step 3 – Hit the “Clear data” tab to clear the Play Store data.




Proceed to final stage of the solution.

STAGE 3 – Add the Google account

In the final stage of the solution, you have to add the Google account.

Step 1 – Open the Settings on your phone.

Step 2 – Go to the “Google” to open that tab.




Step 3 – On the first page, tap “Sign in to your Google account” to start that.




Just log in using the account credential that you have removed earlier. This way, you won’t face the Error Code 927 on your phone.