How to Fix Change Google Chrome Language Back to English

Have you accidentally changed the Google Chrome language to something you don’t understand (like Russian)? This is extremely problematic as you can’t even interpret words/ letters that are not readable. So, what can you do? Easily revert the Google Chrome language to English in no time. So, without wasting any more time, follow these easy steps to change the language.

How to change Google Chrome language back to English

Suppose you have mistakenly changed the Chrome language to Mandarin. In that case, follow our step-by-step guide to getting back to English again.

Fix 1 – Change the Chrome language

We have shown step by step guide to changing Chrome language back to English from any language at all.

1. Open Google Chrome, if you haven’t opened it yet.

2. When that opens up, click the three-dot menu to open the context menu page.

3. Now you will see various options that you may not comprehend. So, click on the item which is 4th from the bottom. This is the “Settings” item.


Settings Open Min


4. When the Settings load up, click the three-bar menu. A sidebar will expand to show you the list of settings.

5. Now, on the expanded menu page, click on the item that has the 🌐 with its name. It is the “Language“.


Language Min


6. Now, you have to work on the right-hand pane of the system. You will see the list of languages you do have in Google Chrome.

Just use your mouse to scroll over each language one by one. Chrome will automatically translate it. So, you can easily identify which is the English language setting.


Check By Hovering Min


7. Once you have identified which is the English language, click the three-dot button.

8. Then, click on the first option in the sub-context panel. This setting says “Display Google Chrome in this language“.

Deploy Language Min


9. Finally, an extra prompt will appear beside the language you have just set. Click it once. This option reads “Relaunch“.


Relaunch The Browser Min


Google Chrome will shut down and relaunch within a few seconds. If you are using another dialect of English (like English (India) or English (Australia)), you can easily change it by following the steps we have mentioned before.



The method we have discussed before involves the language you already used in Google Chrome. But what if you can’t find any English language there? Then, you have to search and include it.

1. Open the Languages part of the settings following Step 1 to Step 5.

2. Then, click on the upper box to open the list of languages.


Open It


3. On the upper side, you will find a search box. Type “English” in that search box to filter the English language in the list.

4. Then, just check the English language you want to use and click the right-most button to apply it.


Lanugage Search Ok Min


Then, you can follow the steps mentioned before to reset the language back to English.



Fix 2 – Change the search settings

In the previous solution, we discussed the steps to revert the language to English for the entire Google Chrome. Use these steps to address the search settings.

1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome. Open a new tab and go to Google.

2. On the bottom part of the screen, click the last menu on the bottom to open it. (This is basically “Settings“.)

3. Now, in the context menu, tap the first option (this one is the “Search settings“).


Change Language Search Ch Min


Chrome will load up the search settings for the browser in a new tab.

4. When it does that, on the left pane, tap the second option.

5. Now you can view all the languages in the right pane. So, tick marks the “English” language from the list.

6. You will notice “English” has appeared in the lower part of the settings. Click the word beside it to enlarge that.


Change English Lang Min


7. On the expanded page, make sure the “English” box is ticked.

8. Finally, tap the first box on the bottom (it reads “Save” in English).


Select English Save Min


9. A confirmation prompt will appear at the top portion of the web page. So, click “OK“.


Ok To Save Min


The Google Search tab will refresh once and load up in English.

This way, you can easily revert back to English from any language you want.


Fix 3 – Use Google Lens to translate and change the settings

[You need to have a smartphone around to enact this fix.]

Google Lens can help you to translate the language on the Chrome settings page live. This way, you can easily understand which says what and change the Chrome language back to English in no time!

Steps to perform on your phone –

1. On your phone, open the google search bar using the search bar widget.

2. Now, tap the “camera icon” to open Google Lens.


Whatsapp Image 2023 02 10 At 18.07.59 Min


3. In Google Lens select the “Translate” option from the bottom pane.


Whatsapp Image 2023 02 10 At 18.07.56 Min


Steps to do on PC/laptop

1. In Google Chrome, click on the dot button in the right-top corner.

2. Use Google Lens on your smartphone to translate the context menu on the computer. Now, click the “Setup” option to open that.


Whatsapp Image 2023 02 10 At 18.07.58 Min


3. Then, click on the three-bar button to expand the settings pane.

4. Again use Google Lens to identify the “Languages” option. Open that.


Whatsapp Image 2023 02 10 At 18.07.57 Min


This way, use the live translation feature of Google Lens to reset the language to English.


Fix  4 – Remove any faulty extension

If you have recently installed a linguistics-related extension that is auto-translating the search results, all these fixes won’t work. Either you can just disable that extension, or you can completely remove it from the browser.

1. On Google Chrome, open a fresh new tab.

2. There, copy-paste this into the address bar and hit Enter to reach the extensions page quickly.



Chrome Extensions Min


Google Chrome will load up all the extensions.

3. On the extensions page, find out which extensions you have installed recently and may translate the search results to another language.

4. Once you have identified such a web extension, turn it off.

5. If you want, you can directly remove the extension. Just tap “Remove“.


Disable Or Remove Extension Min


6. If you have opted for the extension removal, a warning prompt will pop up. So, tap “Remove“.


Ove It Min


Once you have removed the extension, close and relaunch Google Chrome. You will get Google search results working just fine.