How To Enable Draw With Touch Feature In Microsoft Word

If you have a touch screen device, you would wish to use the draw with touch feature in Microsoft word. Using this feature you can use your fingers to sketch on the screen directly without using a mouse. But this feature is not enabled by default. To use this you will have to manually enable it from the Word settings. In this article let us see how to enable the draw with touch feature in Microsoft word.


Enable Draw With Touch Feature In Word


Step 1: Open the Microsoft Word document

Step 2: Click on the File tab at the top left corner




Step 3: Scroll down and click on Options and the bottom left





Step 4: From the opened window select customize ribbon


Customize Ribbon


Step 5: In the Choose commands from dropdown select the All commands option


All Commands


Step 6: Under customize the ribbon column select any All tabs.

Step 7: Choose any options from the list. For example, here I will select Draw


Draw All Tabs


Step 8: Back again in choose commands from column, scroll down and find Draw with touch and click on it


Draw With Touch


Step 9: Then click on the New Group button, a new group will be created under the draw tab

Step 10: Now click on Add, you can see the draw with touch option under the new group





Draw Touch


Step 11: To save the changes click on ok


Step 12: Now if you open the word document and click on the Draw tab (or the tab you had selected in step 7), at the top you can see the draw with touch option present in the new group which you had created.


New Group


Step 13: Select the draw with touch option and sketch with your fingers. But note that this feature works only on touchscreen devices.


That’s it! I hope this article is helpful. Thank you!!