How to Edit Right Click New Menu in Windows 11/10

Most of the softwares we choose to install on our windows system have a habit of creeping into our right click New Menu and the list keep getting bigger day by day. It also sometimes make right click > New too slow and we wish to remove those items from the right click New Menu If you also want to remove the useless Items from Right click New Menu, here is a simple guide to do so.

Right Click New

How to remove items from Right Click > New Menu

1. Search regedit in windows  search box.

2. Click on registry editor icon to open Registry editor.


Registry Editor


3. First of all take a backup of registry editor before proceeding with the solution by Going to File > Export.

Export Backup Registry


4. Now, Click on Edit and Choose Find.

Edit Find Regedit


5. Now, search shellnew and  Hit Enter key.




6. Now, it will keep finding shellnew under different items which may or may not be in right click new context menu.



7. Taking cue from the name under which every shellnew exists, try putting a // before shellnew and check if the item is gone from the right click new context menu or not.


Rename Shellnew


8. For example i have Put // before shellnew to remove worddoc from right click New context menu.

Shellnew Rename


Now, when i check it is gone.

Similarly go on putting // before every shellnew and keep checking if items are gone or not.

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  1. This does not seem to work with Google Docs, Sheets & Slides, as they are immediately restored, probably by the Drive for Desktop app.

  2. wow, this worked just fine!!
    I was looking for a solution to this issue for quite some time now

    many thanks!!!

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