How to delete the Font Cache on Windows 10 / 11

The Font Cache is a storage layer where a set of fonts are stored. It makes the requests for the fonts by different applications easier and makes it faster to access it. The Font Cache enables you to retrieve previously used fonts data. Sometimes, even if you have  cached font data, there are chances of getting corrupted and the application that uses font cache may not work properly and can crash the program. This tutorial will guide you on how to delete the Font Cache on Windows 10.

How to delete the Font Cache on Windows 10

Without using third party software, we can clear the Font cache manually.

Step 1: Open Services app.

Press WinKey and type services.

Click on search result.


Step 2: Search for Windows Font Cache Service under Services (local).




Right Click it and Select Properties.




Step 3: Once Properties window opens.

In the General tab, Click Stop below Service status.

Then, Select Disabled from Startup type dropdown list.

Once its done, click Apply and OK.


Step 4: After the Windows Font Cache Service is stopped and disabled, Lets delete the font cache stored.

Open File Explorer by pressing WinKey + E.


Step 5: Go to address bar in File Explorer.

Go to the following path

  • C:
  • Windows
  • ServiceProfiles
  • LocalService
  • AppData
  • Local

Note: If windows asks you to grant permission as admin, please accept it and proceed.

Then, Double click FontCache folder and delete all the font cache file except the folder “Fonts”.



Step 6: Open the folder “Fonts” by selecting it and pressing Enter.

Then, delete the files present in this folder.



Step 7: After deleting all the necessary font cache files from the folders, you need to enable the Windows Font Cache Service.

Open the Services app and go to Windows Font Cache Service Properties by right clicking on Windows Font Cache Service.

Select Automatic from the dropdown list of Startup type.

Click Apply.

After clicking apply, Service status Start button becomes active.

Click Start and then Click OK as shown in the image below.



This is how clear the font cache when any application gets crashed because of corrupted font cache.

Hope you found this article helpful.