How To Clear Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Cache In Windows 10

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used to map MAC addresses to IP addresses. All hosts on a network will have their own IP address, but Network Interface Card (NIC) will have MAC addresses instead of IP addresses. ARP is the protocol that is used to associate the IP address to a MAC address. All these entries are collected and placed in the ARP cache. The mapped addresses are stored in the cache and they often do not cause any harm. But if there are incorrect entries or if the ARP cache is damaged then there occur connectivity issues, loading issues, or errors. So you will need to clear the ARP cache and fix the error. In this article, we will look into different methods of how to clear the ARP cache.

Method 1: Using Windows Services


Step 1: Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together. Type services.msc and hit enter




Step 2: This will open the Services window. Find for Routing and Remote Access, double click on it to open it


Routing Remote Access


Step 3: Stop the service by clicking on the Stop button

Step 4: Disable the service, by clicking on the startup type drop-down and selecting disabled from the drop-down list


Stop Service


Step 5: To save the changes, click on Apply and OK

Step 6: Restart the computer

Method 2: Use The Command Prompt


Step 1: Open the command prompt as an administrator. To do that type cmd in the windows search bar, hold the ctrl and shift keys, and hit enter 

Step 2: A User Account Control window will appear, click on yes

Step 3: In the command prompt window type netsh interface IP delete arpcache and hit enter


Command Prompt


Step 4: The command will execute and the response you would get is OK

Step 5: Restart the computer

Alternatively, if you want to check the ARP cache and then delete it, you can use the below commands

Step 1: To display all the caches copy the below command and paste it into the command prompt. Then hit enter. Here –a flag displays all the ARP cache

arp –a


Display Arp Cache


Step 2: To delete the cache copy the below command and paste it into the command prompt. Then hit enter. Here the -d flag deleted all the ARP cache

arp -d


Step 3: Restart the system


That’s it! I hope this article is helpful. Thank you!!