How to Change Narrator Voice in Windows 10

Unlike the previous Windows Versions, Windows 10 also allows “Ease of Access” option under its “Settings” app. It includes Narrator which is “a screen reader that reads all the elements on screen, like texts and buttons”. If you are unaware of how to change narrator voice or dislike the current narrating voice, the following steps will help you to modify Narrator Voice in Windows 10.

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Steps for changing Narrator Voice in Windows 10:

Step 1: Type “Settings” in the Search Bar next to the Start Menu. Click on the first option provided.


Step 2: Click on “Ease of Access”. This will guide you to Narrator, Magnifier, and High Contrast etc.

Step 3: Slide the narrator to “ON”.

Assignment 9-(3)
Step 4: In the “Voice” section bar, choose an option. There are two voices are present, they are:
⦁ Microsoft David
⦁ Microsoft Zira

Assignment 9-(4)

After switching ON the Narrator Voice, “Narrator Settings” window will pop up on the screen. It provides variety of options that are used by the narrator. These settings can be changed by the user as desired.

These sub-settings can be used anytime without accessing the “Settings” app option. For this method, you have to enter “Narrator” in your search bar and click on the first option provided. However, Narrator will work only when it’s switched ON under “Settings” app.

By following these steps, you can change Narrator Voice in Windows 10.