How To Check Graphics Card Specifications On Your Windows 10 PC

All that you can see on your computer is due to the Graphics Card or Video card in your system. Also known as a Display adapter, the card, in association with the motherboard of your computer produces images to display. Needless to mention how important it is.

Therefore, for the Graphics card to function properly at all times, we need to check for the latest drivers at regular intervals. If there’s one available, it needs to be updated. Else, your games, apps, or videos may not work properly. Now, before you update the driver, you must know what Graphics card you are using currently. Let’s see how to check the Graphics card specifications on your Windows 10 PC>


Method 1: Using the Direct X Diagnostic Tool


Step 1: Desktop > right click on the Start button > select Run.


Start Right Click Run


Step 2: Run box > type dxdiag > hit EnterĀ > DirectX Diagnostic Tool.


Run Box Dxdiag Enter


Step 3: DirectX Diagnostic Tool window > Display tab > on the left side > Device > check Graphics card specifications.


Directx Diagnostic Tool Display Tab Graphics Card Specifications


You can also check the Driver details on the right. However, since, these are basic details, that may not be enough. For detailed specifications, try the 2nd method.


Method 2: Using GPU-Z Tool


Step 1: Desktop > Start > type GPU-Z > click on the result.


Start Gpu Z.exe Enter


Step 2: If you don’t have the tool already, download GPU-Z to get in-depth information regarding the Graphics card specifications. Download portable and the standard version of the tool using the links below:


GPU-Z Portable

GPU-Z Standard Download


Step 3: In the GPU-Z window, check the Technology field > lower the number, the better the performance > Release Date tells you how old it is > The Memory type should be GDDR3 and above. You can also check other details as per your requirement.


Gpu Z Window Graphics Card Tab Technology Release Date Memory Type


That’s about it! And, that’s how you can check the Graphics card specifications on your Windows 10 PC easily.