[Solved] Fix Printer offline problem in Windows 10

Sometimes when you try to print a document you get printer offline message. Although both your PC and printer are in online state , but this error message just pops up in your computer and makes your feel irritated. Here in this article i have compiled the best possible solutions to offline printer problem.

Solution 1 – Fix Printer offline

Step 1 – Search Control panel in taskbar search and click on it to go to control panel

Control Panel


Step 2 – Click on view devices and printers

Devices Printers Control Panel


Step 3 – Now, right click on your printer icon and check the option saying set as default printer.

Set Default Printer Window 10


Step 4 – Now, again do a right click and click on see what’s printing.

See Whatsprinting


Step 4 – Now, Click on printer tab on the top.

Step 5 – Now, Make sure to uncheck the option saying use printer offline.

Uncheck Use Printer Offiine

If its unchecked already, Move on to the next method given below.


Solution 2 – Restart Printer spooler service

Step 1 – Press windows key + r and open Run Command box.

Step 2 – Now, write services.msc in the text field and hit enter.


Step 3 – Now, Find printer spooler service from the list.

Step 4 – Just click on it and select it. Now, look to the left near top right. Click on start the service.

Print Spooler Service Start On Windows 8.1 Thumb

Note: – If the service is already running, just click on restart service.

Restart Printer Spoller



Solution 3 – Add a new Printer

Step 1 – Now, again go to Control panel – > View Devices and Printers and do a right click on your printer.

Step 2 – Now, click on printer properties.

Printer Properties Windows 10

Step 3 – Now, click on port tab. Now, click on add port.

Add Port Windows 10


Step 4 – Now, select Standard TCP/IP port and click on New port.

Standard Tcp Ip Port Printer Windows 10


Step 5 – Now, type the ip address of the printer you want to add in the fields. If you do not know the IP of your printer,  You can go to your printer company manufacturer’s website to find the IP of your printer.

Printers Ip Address Manual Put In


Try this Method and see if it works. If this does not work lets move to the next method.

Solution 4 – Update Printer Driver

Step 1 – Right click on start menu and click on Device manager to open device manager.

Device Manager Windows 10

Step 2 – Now, expand print queues and right click and update your printer driver.

Update Printer Driver


Solution 5 – Run Windows 10 printer troubleshooter

Step 1 – Download Windows 10 printer troubleshooter

Step 2 – Just follow the instructions on the troubleshooter window.

It will try to fix and troubleshoot the problems in your printer.

I hope, these solutions will fix printer offline problems in Windows 10 PC.