Fix: Fatal Error – Available memory less than 15 MB -1351917568 in Counter Strike

Counter Strike or CS, is undoubtedly the most-played FPS game played by almost 600k players per month around the world. But just like any other game, there are occasional crashes and issues that plaques the usual Counter Strike experience. One of these issues is where the game crashes down and shows up “Fatal Error! Available memory less than 15 MB – 1351917568” error message on the screen. This error usually occurs due to a compatibility issue. All you have to do is to follow these instructions minutely and you will be flanking in Mirage in no time at all.

Fix 1 – Run it in compatibility mode

The issue with the game application not running incorrect compatibility mode.

1. Go to your desktop.

2. Then, right-click on the “Counter Strike” game and tap on “Properties” to access it.


Cs Go Props Min


3. In the Counter Strike Properties window, go to the “Compatibility” tab.

4. After this, check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:“.

5. Then, select the “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” from the drop-down list


Windows Xp Min


6. Finally, you can tap on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes.


Apply Ok Min


After that try to launch the game again. Check whether it is running or still showing up the error message.


If this doesn’t work setting the compatibility to “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”, you can try to set it any other compatibility mode


Fix 2 – Look for CS updates

Valve usually releases patches to fix this kind of issue. You can also check whether any update patch for CS is pending and download it from Steam.

1. Type “Steam” in the search box.

2. Then, tap on “Steam” to open Steam client on your system.


Steam Launch Min


3. When the Steam client opens up, tap on “Library“.

4. Then, click on “Downloads“.


Downloads Min


This will open up the Downloads section.

5. Here, you will notice several apps are listed to be downloaded or already downloaded.

6. Look for Counter Strike. If it is downloading an update, let it be.

7. Otherwise, if you notice an update is pending, tap on the download button to download the package.

Let it completely download and install the patch.


Cs Go Download Min


8. Once it is complete, tap on “Play” to start the game immediately.


Play Min


Check if it is running properly. If you notice the error message again, go for the next fix.


Fix 3 – Update your old graphics card

If you haven’t updated the graphics card for some time, try installing the latest driver.

1. Press the Windows key and the X keys together.

2. Then, tap on the “Device Manager” once to access the Device Manager.


Device Manager Min


3. At the second step, toggle the “Display adapters” section.

4. Next, right-click on the display driver and tap on “Update driver” to update the driver.


Update Display Driver Min


5. After that, tap on the “Search automatically for drivers” on the screen.


Search Automatically Drivers Min


Wait as Windows searches, downloads, and installs the latest driver on the system.

Restart the system. Check whether this works.



If you are using a dedicated graphics card (like NVIDIA or AMD Radeon cards), you can directly use the dedicated app (like – Geforce Experience for NVIDIA cards) to download and install the latest version of the graphics driver.

1. At first, open the GeForce Experience app.*

2. Next, go to the “Drivers” tab.

3. After that, click on “Download” to download the latest version of the driver.


Download Min


Wait as this downloads the latest version of the graphics driver.

4. Later, tap on “Express installation“.


Express Installation Min


This will install the latest version of the graphics card on your computer. You should restart your system once the installation process is complete.


If this is a completely new system, download and install it from here.


Download Geforce Exp Min


After doing all these, restart the system.

Then, try to launch Counter Strike again. Test if this works out.