Fix! Can’t paste text in youtube comments using Mozilla

Many users are complaining on communities that they can’t paste text in youtube comment section in Mozilla. Now, this happens due to the fact that rich text editors (Youtube comment uses Rich Text Editor) are using javascript to stop pasting to prevent automated spam Bots. But, even if you are a genuine user and trying to manually copy and paste comment in mozilla, it does not work. So, let’s see what is the fix?



Step 1 – First of all open a new tab in Mozilla and type about:config in it and press enter.

Now, click on button I’ll be careful, I Promise! 


Step 2 – Now, in the search Box, just search the text given below.


Step 3 – Now, double click on the search result and the value will change from true to false.

Thats it, Now, restart Mozilla again and start pasting your text in youtube comment in Mozilla Browser.

false clipboard mozilla

2 thoughts on “Fix! Can’t paste text in youtube comments using Mozilla”

  1. Thank you for the above advice -I cannot see you name actually- but it is too complicate for me and is not worth-while.
    YouTube, Google, whoever shall re-enable the paste in the comments.
    It’s really frustrating!

  2. Nice workaround, but Google still needs to fix this problem since they broke it for Gecko web browsers like Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc. 🙁

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