Fix Autoplay not working in Windows 10/11

Autoplay not working is a common problem in windows 10 and many users seem to be affected by this annoying problem. Here in this article, we have suggested working fix for this problem.

Fix 1 – Check Shell Hardware Detection Service

1. Press windows key + r together to open run.

2. Now, write services.msc and Click OK.


Services.msc 1


3. Now, Locate Shell Hardware Detection, right click on it and Choose properties.


Shell Hardware Setection Min

4. You will have to make sure that Shell Hardware Detection service is running and startup type is set to Automatic.

5. If it is not so, set startup type to automatic from the drop down and Start the service.


Shell Hardware Detection Service Running Min


Fix 2 – Using Registry Editor

1. Press Windows key + R together to Open run.

2. Now, write regedit in it and Click OK.


3. Now, Browse to the following location in the registry editor.


4. Locate NoDriveTypeAutoRun key on the right side.

If it does not exist, right click on an empty space and create a new DWORD (32-bit) value on the right side.


New Dword 32 Min


5.  Now, make sure that Hexadecimal is selected as an option and then change the value data to 91.

Nodrive Type Autorun Min

6. click OK and Close the registry editor.

7. Reboot your PC.


Fix 2 –  Autoplay settings through Control panel

1. Press Windows key + r together to open run.

2. Now, write control in it and Click OK.


Control Min

3. Now, Select View buy Large icons from drop-down.

4. Click on Autoplay.

5. Select desired option for each kind of devices.

6. Click on save and close the window.

If it does not work,  Scroll down and Click on Reset all devices


Reset All Devices Min



Fix 3 – Turn Notifications on for Autoplay.

1. Press Windows key + I to Open settings.

2. Go to system.

3. Click on Notifications & Actions.

4. Locate Get Notifications from these senders section.

5. Make sure that Autoplay Option is turned ON.


Autoplay Notifications Min


Fix 4 – Disable and Enable Autoplay

1 – Open Settings by hitting Windows and I keys

2 – Click Devices

3 – Turn Off Autoplay

4 – Then Turn it back ON again


Fix 5 – Run net start shellhwdetection command

1 – Search CMD in windows taskbar search box

2 – Right click and click run as administrator

Cmd Admin


3 – Copy and paste the code below and hit enter key to execute

net start shellhwdetection

4 – Close the window and check if the problem is resolved

Fix 6 – Check Autoplay Policies in gpedit

1 – Search Group Policy editor in search box and click on it

Edit Group Policy

2 – Browse to the following path given below

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Autoplay Policies

Autoplay Policies


3 – Click on Disabled and click Apply and OK

Autoplay Gpedit


4 – Check again to see if Autoplay started working or not after closing Group policy. If not, Restart and check again.

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  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You
    You have ‘fixed’ my AutoPlay not working.
    Something so simple as ‘Turn ON Notifications’ was causing me so much grief. I was ready to go back to my non-supported any longer Win 7 machine.

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