How to Fix ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ on Google Chrome in Windows 10

Those using the Google Chrome browser, may often come across an error that  says “Confirm Form Re-submission” with the message “ERR_CACHE_MISS“. This error usually shows up while your browsing the web and means that you have to re-enter the details to submit the form again. However, since it does not include any other details, you may wonder what’s wrong with it. While sometimes, simply reloading the web page or disabling the browser extensions can help fix the issue, but, mostly, it doesn’t. Fortunately, this ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ error on Google Chrome in your Windows 10 PC an be fixed. Let’s see how.


Method 1: Clear Browsing Data


Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and navigate to the three dots on the upper right side of the window.

Click on it and select Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings window, scroll down and under the Privacy and security section, select Clear browsing data.


Settings Privacy And Security Clear Browsing Data


Step 3: In the Clear browsing data pop up, select the Advanced tab and check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.

Now, click on the Clear data button.


Clear Browsing Data Time Range All Time Cookies And Other Site Data Cached Images And Files Select Clear Data


Now, close the Settings window and relaunch the browser. You should not see the error anymore now.


Method 2: Update Chrome


Step 1: Launch Chrome and click on Customize and control Google Chrome (three vertical dots).

Select Help from the menu and then click on About Google Chrome.


6 Google Chrome About


Step 2: In the About Chrome page, Google will automatically start looking up for any latest update available.

If available, it will automatically update to the latest version.

If not, it will display the message as “Google Chrome is up to date“.


About Chrome Wait For Update Google Chrome Is Up To Date


Once done, restart Chrome and try to open the website again to check if it’s working.


Method 3: Reset the Network Settings


Step 1: Right-click on Start and select Run to open the Run command box.


Start Right Click Run


Step 2: In the Run command search field, type cmd and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together on your keyboard to open Command Prompt in elevated mode.


Run Command Cmd Ctrl + Shift + Enter


Step 3: In the Command Prompt (admin) window, run the below commands one by one and hit Enter after each one:






netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset


Once, the process is complete, exit Command Prompt and restart your PC. You can now launch Chrome and open the web page you were having problem with. The ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ error should be gone now.


Method 4: Change the DNS Server


Step 1: Press the Win + R hotkey on your keyboard to launch the Run command box.

Step 2: Write ncpa.cpl in the search field and hit Enter to open the Network Connections window.


Run Command Ncpa.cpl Enter


Step 3: In the Network Connections window, right-click on your active internet connection and select Properties.


Network Connections Active Wifi Connection Right Click Properties


Step 4: In the WiFi Properties window, under the Networking tab, go to This connection uses the following items section and select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Now, press the Properties button below.


Wifi Properties Networking Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties


Step 5: Next, in the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window, under the General tab, select the radio button next to Use the following DNS server addresses.

Now, enter the below values in the Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS fields accordingly:


Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:


Internet Protocol Version 4 General Use The Following Dns Server Addresses Add Value


Step 6: Press OK to save changes and exit the window. Again press OK in the Properties window to exit.


Now, reload the web page that was showing the error and it should not show the error aymore.


Method 5: Disable Cache System in Chrome


Step 1: Launch Chrome and open the website that’s showing the error. Now, while staying on the error page, go to the three vertical dots (Customize and control Google Chrome) on the upper right hand side of the browser.

Select More tools and then Developer tools from the sub-menu.


Chrome Three Dots More Tools Developer Tools


Step 2: The Developer tools window opens on the right side of the browser.

Here, under the Network tab, check the box next to Disable cache.


Developer Tools Network Disable Cache Check


Once you are done, refresh the web page and the ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ error should be gone.


Method 6: Reset Google Chrome Settings


Step 1: Open Google Chrome and navigate to the three dots on the upper right side of the browser.

Select Settings from the menu.


Chrome Browser Cusomize And Control Google Chrome Settings


Step 2: In the Settings window, scroll down and expand the Advanced section.


Settings Advanced Expand


Step 3: Now, go to the Reset and clean up section, and select Restore settings to their original defaults.


Settings Reset And Clean Up Restore Settings To Their Original Default


Step 4: In the Reset settings pop up, click on the Reset settings button to confirm the action.


Reset Settings Prompt Reset Settings


Now, re-launch your Chrome browser, open the web page and check if the error is gone.


Method 7: Use the Internet Connection Troubleshooter


Step 1: Press the Win + I shortcut key on your keyboard to open the Settings window.

Step 2: In the Settings window, click on Update & Security.


Settings Update & Security


Step 3: In the next window, on the left side of the pane, click on Troubleshoot.


Settings Update & Security Troubleshoot


Step 4: Now, go to the right side of the window, scroll down and click on Additional troubleshooters.


Windows Troubleshoot Additional Troubleshooters


Step 5: Next, under the Get up and running section, select Internet Connections.

Now, click on Run the troubleshooter button.


Additional Troubleshooters Get Up And Running Internet Connections Run The Troubleshooter


Now, let the troubleshooter detect the problem and it will automatically fix the issues (if any found).

Once completed, reboot your PC, launch Chrome and open the web page that showed the error. It should not show the error anymore.