6 Ways To Enable Right Click On Websites That Have Disabled It

Top Ways To Enable Right Click On Websites That Have It Disabled:- So you get to this website which has a number of beautiful quotes and you right click on one of the quotes to copy it and then you get notified that you can’t copy the quote as the administrator doesn’t want his/her site’s contents to be copied. Well, don’t get disappointed already. There are various ways using which you can easily bypass this filter. Dive into the article to learn how to copy texts from a website that has disabled the right click feature. If you want to learn how to copy images from a website with no right click feature, you can refer to our article on the topic Save Images In Right Click Disabled Websites In Chrome

Method 1 – By Typing A Code In The URL

This is the easiest of all the methods. Firstly you need to navigate to the website that has disabled the right click feature. Then copy-paste the code given below in the URL bar.


This will bypass the javascript alert in the respective website. The downside of using this option is that you need to repeat the same step every single time you want to use a right click.


Method 2 – By Using Browser Extensions

There are various extensions for different browsers which help you get back the right click feature. One such browser extension for Google Chrome, that enables the right click feature is RightToCopy.

So that’s how simple you can hack into a website that has disabled the right click feature and copy its contents. But do remember that this could land you in trouble as obviously if they have the right click feature disabled, they do not want their contents to be copied. Hope you found the article useful.

Method 3 – By Disabling Javascript From The Browser

If you frequently use right clicks, then following the first method can get quite tiring. You could disable the javascript option as a whole instead, for the web broswer that you use. Follow the steps below to disable javascript in Google Chrome. Similar settings are available in other web browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

First of all, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your Google Chrome. From the menu that gets expanded out, click on the option named Settings.


Start typing javascript into the Settings Search Bar as shown in the screenshot given below. This will result in Google Chrome displaying a section named Privacy. Click on the button named Content settings from there.


As next, check the checkbox corresponding to the option Do not allow any site to run JavaScript. Once you are all done, hit the Done button at the bottom.


Method 4  – By Using The Website Source Code

You can view the source code of any website by hitting CTRL+U keys together. Right click feature will not be disabled for the source code of a website. Follow the steps given below to learn about this method.

Navigate to the website that has disabled the right click feature. Now press CTRL+U keys together. This will open the source code of the website.



The source code would somewhat look like the one given in the following screenshot. Now you can use the right click feature to copy the text that you want.


Method 5 – By Saving The Webpage

You can save a webpage by using the key combination CTRL+S. Once the page is saved, you can open the saved webpage and use right click to copy its contents as right click will not be disabled for saved pages.


Method 6 – By Using A Web Proxy

You can use a proxy server website to use the right click feature. For that, go to a website like FilterBypass. Once there, you can check the option Remove scripts as shown in the screenshot given below, to use the right click feature.