Find which Generation Your Windows PC is?

Find The Generation Of Your Intel Processor In Windows:- You bought this super new laptop with silver cover and you are all set to show it off before your friends. While you show them the wallpapers and all the other beautiful things, the techie guy in your circle throws that question at you; So is it the 3rd generation or the 4th generation?. You go WHAT?? for a second. Nothing can be more embarrassing than not knowing the technical aspects of your system. You should be aware of the processor generation that your computer has, at least. It’s just not the potential embarrassment that this is all about. You need to know the processor generation to get the right hardware for your system or for a proper upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Dig into the article to find a lot of information about your processor and its generation.

STEP 1  – Search System Information in the search box and click on it



STEP 2 – Succesful execution of the previous step will result in the opening of a new window named System. The System window gives you all the basic information about your computer. Look for a section named System. Under the System section, there will be an entry named Processor. The Processor entry gives you a lot of information regarding your processor generation, its name etc. In the screenshot given below, you can see that my processor is i5. The i series indicate the name of the processor and the difficult part lies in deducing the genearation of your processor. To find out the generation to which your processor belongs to, take down the serial code. In the screenshot given below, the serial code is 4210U.


Intel Generation


STEP 3 – You might not be familiar with the format using which your processor information is displayed to you. You need to go to the Intel’s website to View the Intel Processor Generation Codes. Now using the CTRL+F keys you can search for your processor details using its corresponding code. Search for the code 4210U to get all the information about your processor.



Find out your processor generation and a lot other information about your processor today itself. Do share the information with your friends as well. Hope you found the article useful. Stay tuned for more updates, tricks, how to and hacks.