Easiest Way to Create a partition in Windows 10

Most of users out there want to partition there hard drive but they don’t know that even after setup of windows you can easily bifurcate their hard drives into as many partitions as they want. Users generally want to partition hard drive and create separate space for multiple reasons. In some cases, you want to partition just to create a separate Drive for Movies, and in some cases you just want to create Hard drive to allocate separate space for your work. Most of times, when buying a windows 10 computer, its possible that they provide you a system with too much space allocated to system folder C. In that  case it becomes utmost important to partition hard drive to reasonable Partitions in which you can organize your different type of files.

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Now, let us see how to Partition your hard drive in seconds using Window 10 Administrative tools.

How to to Create a partition in Windows 10

Step 1 – Search Computer Management in Search Box of Taskbar



Step 2 – Now, look in the left menu and under storage, there is disk management. Just Click on Disk Management. wait for few seconds for loading disk details.

Now, Right click on the required Drive you want to partition. For example if you want to do a partition on Local Disk C, then right click on it. Now, click on Shrink Volume.



Step 3 – Now, a message will get displayed saying Querying space. After that , in next screen you will be shown 3 details.

In the first fields total size before shrink is written. (This is the current size of the Local disk)

In the 2nd field, the size of available shrink space in MB is written. This is the maximum size of hard drive you can create out of hard drive.

Note that these details are in MB. To get an idea in GB, just divide them by 1000.

Now, the 3rd and most important field is your decision field, in which you have to put the size of the disk you want actually, keeping in mind the maximum limit in second field.



Step 4 – Now, when you have made up your mind about the size of the hard drive you want to create, click on shrink button. Wait for few minutes. Please refrain yourself from any activities while in middle of this operation.


Step 5 – Now, the size you specified in step 4 just creates unallocated space on your PC. You have to create hard drive out of it and name it also.
Now, once the Unallocated space appears as shown above, just do a right click on it and click on New simple volume.


Now, new sample Volume wizard will open up.



Step 6 – Now, in the next screen , just specify the size of the hard drive. Click next.



Step 7 – In the next screen, choose drive letter you want to name. You can Choose any letter.




Step 8 – Choose file system in next screen. NTFS is recommended although you can select FAT32 also if you want. Also, edit New Volume and name it as you wish.



Step 9 – In the next screen finally, click on finish to finish creation process.

Once you click finish, it will take few minutes to complete the process.

In this way, you can easily bifurcate your hard drive in desired space and desired name as you wish easily.

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