Solved! Download failed, Virus Detected Message in Windows 10 / 11

Fix ! Download failed, Virus Detected Message in Windows 10: – Everybody makes mistakes, so does Windows. Sometimes it thinks of a file as a potential threat, even if the file is actually safe for your system. You so badly want to download a software from a verified official site and that’s when Windows tell you that the file could potentially harm your system. But you are so sure that the file is authentic and is perfectly okay for your system to run it. At this point, you are left with no choice but to ignore the warning put forward by Windows. The error message would somewhat look like the following screenshot.

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Proceed with the following steps only if you are sure that the file you are trying to download is from a reliable and trusted source. If you are so sure about the authenticity of the file, then you have the option to set an exception in your anti-virus software to download the potentially harmful file onto your system. Read on, to learn how to effectively bypass the Download failed – Virus detected message on Windows 10 with a very few number of clicks.

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How to Allow blocked file

1 – Search Windows security and click on it to open windows security

Screenshot 2022 11 25 170846 Min


2 – Click on Virus & threat protection from left menu.

3 -Click on manage settings in right side

Screenshot 2022 11 25 170929 Min


4 – Now, Turn off both Real time protection

5 – Also, Turn off Cloud delivered protection

Screenshot 2022 11 25 171259 Min


Now, try to download again.

Note: –If it is still not working, then try to turn off the security settings of your browser.

If you are using Chrome, then go to chrome://settings/security and select No protection

Screenshot 2022 11 25 171608 Min


If you still can’t download the file, it means that you have some other anti-virus software activated and running on your system. Proceed similarly to set exceptions on those Softwares as well, to bypass the error message. Hope you found the article useful.