How to download and install Windows 11 via Insider Program

Windows 11 is set to roll on to the supported devices in the month of October, this year. Though October is not so far, what if I tell you that now you can get your hands on the Windows 11 preview build on your computer? Yes. It is quite possible to download and install Windows 11 on your computer. Just follow these easy, detailed instructions to download, install and finally restart your computer to get the Windows 11.


This is a preview build of Windows 11, reserved for the developer channel. So, expect a lot of bugs, occasional glitches, and some BSOD crash issues. We suggest NOT to install this build on your personal computer, laptop.


How to download & install Windows 11

You can download and install Windows 11 in two steps.

Step 1 – Join the Windows Insider

At first, you have to join the Windows Insider Program.

1. Open the Settings window.

2. Then, click on the “Privacy” settings.


Settings Privacy


3. On the left-hand pane, tap on the “Diagnostics & Feedback“.

4. Then, click on the radio button beside the “Optional Diagnostic data:“.


Optional Diag Min


2. Now, click on the “Updates & Security” settings.


Update And Security Min


3. On the left-hand side, tap on the “Windows Insider Program“.

4. Now, on the right-hand side, click on the “Get started“.


Get Started Min


5. You will be asked to link an account with the Window Insider Program.

6. Just, click on the “Link an account“.


Link An Account Min


7. You will see the list of accounts associated with the device.

8. Just select an account of your choice and tap on the “Continue” option.


Pick Gmail And Continue Min


9. Now, you will see three channels on your screen. You have to select the “Dev Channel” to get the Windows 11 preview build.


Dev Channel Min


Close the Store window.


Step 2 – Update the Windows

Download and install Windows 11 on your computer.

1. Open the Settings screen.

2. Then, click on the “Updates & Security“.


Update And Security Min


3. After that, click on the “Windows Update“.

4. Then, tap on the “Check for Updates“.


Check For Updates Settings Min


Within a few minutes, you will see the preview build of Windows 11 is being downloaded on your computer.


Windows Update Downloading Min


Wait for Windows to download and install the Windows 11 o your device. You will be asked to restart your machine to complete the process.

Close all the windows and just click on the “Restart Now“.

You have to wait for at least 20-30 minutes while the installation process completes. Once the process completes, you will get your new Windows 11!

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