How to install Dolby Audio in Windows 10

Dolby Audio provides a unique sound experience by enhancing digital audio output. It enables the user to tweak the sound system to provide an experience which only one can witness at a theater. If you want to install Dolby Audio in your Windows 10 computer, simply follow this article to do so.


Note: – Instead of moving ahead to method given below , you can also choose to install Dolby audio as microsoft store product here.

#1 – install Dolby Audio in Windows 10 as Store Product

1. Just go to this link of Microsoft Store here

2. Now, Install Dolby audio from there.

Dolby Audio


Voila. Its damn easy like that.

#2 – How to install Dolby Audio in Windows 10 as a Software

STEP-1 Install the Dolby Digital Plus AA driver

Follow these steps to download and install Dolby Audio in Windows 10.

1. DownloadDolby Digital Plus Advance Audio“. Click on “Download“.


Download Driver


Close the browser window.

2. Now, go to the download location on your computer.

3. Extract the “Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio” to a location of your choice.


Extract Dolby


Close File Explorer window.

4.Press Windows Icon+I to open the Settings window.

5. Now, click on “Update and Security“.


Update And Security


6. Then, click on “Recovery“.

7. After that, under the “Advanced Startup” section, click on “Restart Now“.


Restart Now Advanced Startuo


8. After that, click on the “Troubleshoot” option.


Universal Choose An Option Continue


9. To troubleshoot the issue, click on the “Troubleshoot“.


Universal Choose An Option Continue


10. Then click on the “Advanced options“.


Troubleshoot Advanced


11. You can access the “Startup Settings“.




12. To restart your computer in safe mode, click on “Restart

Startup Settings


13. Press “7” to ‘Disable Driver signature‘ option.

Disable Driver Signature 1 Min

14. Press Windows key+X and then click on “Device Manager“.


Device Manager


15.  You need to click on “Sound, video and game controllers“.

16. Now, right-click on “Realtek(R) Audio” and then click on “Update driver“.


Udpate Driver


17. Simply click on “Browse my computer for driver software“.


Browse Audio


18.  In the next window, click on “Let me pick from a list of available drivers“.


Let Me Pick Up


19. Now, click on “Have Disk“.


Have Disk


20. After that, click on “Browse“.




21. In Locate File window, click on “Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio“.


Dolby Dc New 1


22. Choose the folder according to the CPU architecture.

23. Now, double click on “64 bit“.


64 Bit


24. Now, double click on the “Drivers” folder to access it.


Drivers Double Click


25. Then, select the “Digital Plus AA“.

26. Now, click on “Open“.


Digital Open


27. Click on “OK“.




28. Now, select “Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio“.

29. Then, click on “Next“.


Aa Next


30. If there is any warning message, click on “Yes“.




You will need to restart your computer to complete the update process.


STEP-2 Install the setup file for Dolby Digital Plus AA-

After rebooting your computer, follow these steps to install the Dolby Digital Advanced Audio on your computer.

1. Again, go to the location where you have extracted the zip file for the first time.

2. Double click on the “Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio” folder to access it.


Dolby Double Click


3. Now, double click on “64 bit“.


64 Bit


4. In 64 bit folder, double click on “Setup” folder.


Setup Double Clcik


5. Next, double click on “DolbyDigitalPlusAAx64” to run the setup on your computer.


Run The Setup


6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Dolby Digital Plus on your computer.


Dolby Setup


7. Upon completion, click on “Finish” to finish the installation process.




You have installed the Dolby Digital Advanced Audio on your computer. Check it out by playing any music or video.