All about DiskSnapshot.exe process in Windows 10

Recently a lot of users have reported seeing a program on their desktop, usually when they leave the PC / machine idle.

I decided to look into this issue myself and well i did find it in my windows copy as well.

There are rumors about the program being a bug, specific to different insider builds of Windows, but sadly as far as i have found out thats not the case.

Disksnapshot.exe does not seem to be contained to specific builds of Windows, nor does it seem to interfere with the users work. It has only be seen active by users , once they start using their machine after some idle time.

What is DiskSnapshot.exe?

As far as the information out there goes, DiskSnapshot.exe is a non intrusive native Microsoft program designed to check and maintain the health of your Hard drives. The program is specifically designed to run and check the health of your Hard Drive when your Pc is left idle for a while, and is designed to stop and close as soon as the user resumes his/her work.

This information as such turns out to be true based on my and many other users opinion. The program starts while the Pc is left idle and will close itself, at even the slightest movement of the mouse or a keyboard click.

Is it harmful? Does this invade my privacy?

You should rest assured that this program does not invade your privacy, in any way, nor does it store personal data or any other kind of personal information. The utility is very much in favor of your Pc and designed to maintain its health and do usual scans in the background when your Pc is idle. It does not affect your machine’s performance in any way, nor does it interfere with your workflow. You can sit back, relax and let the tool do the job it is designed to do.

Should / Can I remove the program from my Pc?

I definitely advise against doing so, as the program is an integral part of the Windows 10 Operating System. You can run a malware scan on your whole Pc if you are concerned about the authenticity of the file. To run specific scans, the file is located in –


The file should always remain in its designed location and should not be moved or deleted.

Final Pointers about DiskSnapshot.exe

1- Its location should always be


2- The program is safe to use and for the benefit of the health of your PC.

3- The DiskSnapshot.exe utility is an integral part of the Windows 10 Operating System.

4- It does not invade your privacy, nor does it collect any personal data.

Rest assured the Program is safe for your machine and let it do its job in the background 🙂