Disable auto play of Videos everywhere in Chrome with this tweak

Auto play videos are annoying and consume a lot of data to serve you content that may not need at all. Although auto play of videos can be disabled on social sites like facebook, twitter etc. For example to turn off auto play of videos on facebook, just go to settings -> Videos – > Auto-play Videos and turn it off.

But what if you want to disable Auto-play of videos by default on chrome with just one setting change. Here are the steps to do so.


Step 1 – Open Chrome browser

Step 2 РJust go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

Chrome auto play video Policy


Step 3 – Choose the following option in auto play policy from the dropdown.

Document user activation is required

Boom. Now, no more auto play of videos on any website in chrome will bug you from now on. No, need the change the setting on every website.