Convert Text to mp3 using Google translate easily

Google offers a lot of services and while many of them are quite useful, some of them are not. For instance, some of the most popular services by Google would be Google Chrome, Google web store, Google Play, Google Maps, etc. And, we find even Google Translate services also very useful. In fact, it is one of the best online translators around.

The best thing about Google’s translator service is that it’s easy to use, offers translation for a wide range of languages from across the world, and is available both as a web version, and also for Android platforms. The biggest plus point according to us, is that, it allows you to download and save the translated words or sentences in MP3.

So, how do you download the Google Translate voice files in MP3? Let’s find out.

Note: – If you are on a windows 10 PC , there is a store app for that here.

Also, to convert text to mp3 online fast, here is the website

Solution: Using Inspect Option


Step 1:  Open Google chrome. Now, Open Google and search for Translate. Click on the official web page of Google Translate.


Google Search Translate Google Translate


Step 2: Now type or copy paste the sentence you want to be translated in the empty space under Documents on the left and click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the empty box.


Google Translate Type Or Copy Sentence In The Empty Spce


Step 3: Now, right-click on the same space  and select Inspect.


Rigt Click On Empty Space Select Inspect


Step 4: A new window pops up on the right side of the Google Translate screen. In that window, click on the Network tab on the top. Make sure the recording icon is red on the left.


In The New Window On The Right Click On Network Tab


Step 5: Now, click on the speaker icon again on the left side of the screen where you typed or copied the sentence to be translated. Once it has finished playing the voice translation, you will notice the translated files on the right side in the new window, under Network. Right-click on the file that starts with the word translate and click on Open in new tab.


Click On Speaker Right Click On Translated File Open In New Tab


Step 6: This will open the translated file in MP3 in a new tab. Now, right-click on the audio and select Save audio as from the context menu.


Audio Right Click Save Audio As


This way, you can download and save the translated audio file in MP3.

6 thoughts on “Convert Text to mp3 using Google translate easily”

  1. This method does not seem to work any longer. I can see the translate_tts file but it shows an error and when you go to open it in a new tab it just automatically downloads a text file and gives you no option for an MP3 file. I have tried 3 different browsers but these other comments confirm my thoughts that Google is no longer allowing the MP3 file to be downloadable. I used to use this method of downloading text/voice files all the time! It’s very upsetting!

  2. I tested the ‘Audio Capture’ plugin for Chrome. I Worked, but it also recorded the time before and after I pressed play. So it’s not perfect. But at least it creates an mp3 to download.

  3. Yes it’s not working now, I don’t see the translate file in the Media tabs. My suspicion is Google moved it to GCP and it’s now available as APIs. Very sad if it turns out to be true 🙁

  4. Same here. No translate_tts file appears in the Network screen. Only log and browserinfo, neither of which when I open in a new window give me the mp3 audio of the translation. Perhaps Google changed something. I’m really hoping someone finds another work around. In my opinion Google is missing out by not providing this option. BTW I tried both Chrome browser and FireFox.

  5. Does this still work? I tried it and it does not seem to show a tts line in the network screen. I use to do this, so do you know if something changed with how google translate works?

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