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  1. Michelle says

    This method does not seem to work any longer. I can see the translate_tts file but it shows an error and when you go to open it in a new tab it just automatically downloads a text file and gives you no option for an MP3 file. I have tried 3 different browsers but these other comments confirm my thoughts that Google is no longer allowing the MP3 file to be downloadable. I used to use this method of downloading text/voice files all the time! It’s very upsetting!

  2. joide says

    I tested the ‘Audio Capture’ plugin for Chrome. I Worked, but it also recorded the time before and after I pressed play. So it’s not perfect. But at least it creates an mp3 to download.

  3. Nandini Mazumdar says

    Yes it’s not working now, I don’t see the translate file in the Media tabs. My suspicion is Google moved it to GCP and it’s now available as APIs. Very sad if it turns out to be true 🙁

  4. Thea says

    Same here. No translate_tts file appears in the Network screen. Only log and browserinfo, neither of which when I open in a new window give me the mp3 audio of the translation. Perhaps Google changed something. I’m really hoping someone finds another work around. In my opinion Google is missing out by not providing this option. BTW I tried both Chrome browser and FireFox.

  5. Jim Delmege says

    Does this still work? I tried it and it does not seem to show a tts line in the network screen. I use to do this, so do you know if something changed with how google translate works?

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