Fix: CONCRT140.dll file Missing Problem on Windows 11

When your favorite strategic game which is quite heavy in size gets finally downloaded and you install it successfully but when you try to launch the game, it will throw an error “CONCRT140.dll is missing” and stops the code execution which can be really annoying. CONCRT140.dll is one of the important files which is necessary to run the components which are built using MS Visual C++ studio. The other similar error messages are

  • CONCRT140.dll is not found
  • CONCRT140.dll is crashed
  • CONCRT140.dll cannot be located

In this article, we have listed few possible ways to fix this issue.


Fix 1 : Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Step 1 – Press Windows key and R key together from keyboard to open RUN command box

Type appwiz.cpl in it and click OK

Appwiz Cpl


Step 2 – Search Microsoft Visual C++  from the search box.

Step 3 – Scroll down and Go to the latest Visual C++ based on the most recent date.

Now,  Right click on 3 vertical dots and Click on Modify.


Modify Visaul Min

Please confirm it by clicking Yes.

Visual C Modify Uac Window Min

Step 4: Now the MS Visual C++ Setup window opens.

Click on Repair as shown below.


Visual C++ Repair Window

Step 5: After the repair process is done successfully.

Close the Setup successful window as shown below.

Please restart your system and check if the problem still occurs.


Ms Visual C++ Setup Succesful Win

Note:- While doing this step, please make sure your MS Visual C++ Redistributable is of latest version.

Hope this fixes this issue.

Fix 2: Register the CONCRT140.dll file using Command Prompt


Step 1: To Launch the Command prompt as an Administrator.

Press win logo key and type cmd.

Then, Right Click on the Command Prompt App from results.

Click Run as administrator from the context menu.


Cmd Run As Admin

Step 2: Once the Command Prompt opens

Type the following to register the dll file. (Note:- replace filename with concrt140.dll)

regsvr32 [filename].dll


To Register all the dll files at once.

for %1 in (*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %1

Note:-  Registering all the dll files at once will take several minutes, please wait until its done.

Register Dll File Cmd Min


After the dll file is registered, Please relaunch your game application to check if the problem still persists.

Fix 3: The Application should be Re-Installed

Sometimes, the installation process of the application was not done properly and some of the files might have been corrupted. Therefore, its better to re-install the application on your laptop.

Step 1: To Uninstall the application:

Launch Settings app by pressing win logo key + I together.

Then, Click Installed  Apps  on the right.

Step 2 – Now, Search Your Microsoft Office version name in the search box.


Step 3: Now, Right click on 3 vertical dots and  Click on Uninstall.

Uninstall Microsoft Office 1 Min

After the uninstallation process is done, you need to re-install the application.

Fix 4: Revert your laptop using System Restore

Whenever you face any critical situation like this, then there is an option to revert your laptop back to the safe point you had created earlier when system was good and free from problems. Let us see how to use System restore in this fix.

Step 1: Open Run Dialog Box

  • Open the Run Dialog box by pressing Win Logo Key +R together on your keyboard.
  • Type rstrui.exe and Press Enter key.

Run Rstrui.exe For Sys Restore

Step 2: This opens the System Restore window.

Click Next to continue.

System Restore Window Min

Step 3: Select the system restore point that you had created earlier.

Click on the point as shown in the below picture and Click Next to proceed.

Select Sys Restore Point Min

Step 4: To confirm the System Restore.

At last, Click Finish as shown.


Confirm Sys Restore Min

This will restore your system to the last saved point.

Now try restarting your application and check if any of the fix mentioned above was helpful.

Please leave us a comment below to let us know which one helped.

Thank you!