Google Chrome Error Code Status_Breakpoint issue [Fixed]

Overclocking your CPUs to their maximum limit does have a few drawbacks. If you have overclocked the CPUs and using Google Chrome to surf the internet, the browser may crash and show you this error message with the following error code “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this web page with an error code STATUS_BREAKPOINT“. As we have mentioned, overclocked CPUs can cause this problem. So, follow these solutions to fix the problem yourself.


1. Check your internet connection and test whether you are still connected to the internet or not.

2. If you are connected to a router, try restarting your router. Sometimes, just by restarting your router, you can fix this problem.

3. Close the Google Chrome browser. Then, wait for 2-3 minutes (as some components take time to stop working). Then, relaunch Google Chrome again. Check whether this works or not.

2. Check whether you have multiple browsers with multiple tabs opened on your computer. If you have closed all of them and retry loading the website.

Fix 1 – Reset Chrome flags

Chrome flags can make your browser unstable and lead you to this error. So, disable all the flags and test.

1. Open a new browser tab in the browser.

2. Copy-paste this into the address bar and press Enter.



3. Now, just click “Reset all” to reset all the flags that you have enabled in the browser.


Reset All Min


4. After this, click “Relaunch” to relaunch the browser.


Relaunch It Min


Once the browser restarts, check whether you are still seeing the “STATUS_BREAKPOINT” error code or not.


Fix 2 – Reload the website

The easiest and quickest workaround for this issue is to restart your website.

1. Just press the F5 key from your keyboard (or Fn+F5 keys together) to refresh the webpage instantly.

2. Otherwise, you can also click on the reload sign in the address bar to reload the webpage.


Reload Min


This refreshes and reloads the webpage again.

There is another thing you can try is to open the website in an incognito tab. To do that, follow these steps –

1. Open the browser.

2. Then, click on the three-dot menu and tap “New incognito tab“.

In this new incognito tab, try to reach the website once again.


New Incognito Tab Min


If you are still facing the “STATUS_BREAKPOINT” error code in the Google Chrome browser, go to the next solution.



Fix 3 – Clean the browser cache

Cleaning the browser cache may also help you resolve the problem.

1. On the Google Chrome browser page, open a new tab.

2. Then, paste this address there and hit Enter.



3. You are going to clear all the cached data Chrome has stored

4. Then, check all these three boxes to clear them.

Browsing History 

Cookies and other site data

Cached images and files

4. Then, just click “Clear data” to clear all the cached data.


Clear Data Chrome Min


After clearing out the cached data, open a fresh tab and try to visit the website again.


Fix 4 – Turn off the hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration settings may have caused this problem as well. So, disable it.

1. Open a blank tab in Google Chrome.

2. Then, paste this term in the address bar and hit Enter to reach the specific location.



System Setttings Min


3. Then, just toggle the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option to “Off” mode.

4. After that, tap “Relaunch” to relaunch the browser.


Relaunch Min


After relaunching the browser, try to open the website once again.


Fix 5 – Disable all the extensions

Try disabling all the chrome extensions on your computer and test if this works.

1. Paste this in a new tab in Google Chrome and hit the Enter key to visit the Extensions page.



2. You can find all the Chrome extensions in one place.

3. Here, check which extensions are enabled and then, one by one disable all of them.


Remove It Min


Once you have disabled all the extensions, try to load that website again.

Fix 6 – Restore Chrome

If nothing works, you should restore Chrome to the default settings.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Then, click on the three dots button and tap “Settings“.


Settings Chrome Min


3. Now, click on “Reset and clean up” in the bottom left corner.

4. Then, tap the “Restart settings to their original defaults” option on the right-hand side.


Restore All Settings Min


5. Then, click on “Reset settings” to reset the Chrome Settings.


Reset Settings Min


Finally, once you have reset the Chrome browser, visit the website once more and check.

You won’t see the “STATUS_BREAKPOINT” message again.

Fix 7 – Don’t overclock the CPUs

It seems that the majority of the affected users share one common trait, which is overclocked system CPUs. So, if you have overclocked the CPUs recently and experiencing a problem, just disable the Overclocking feature. In some computers, you can disable this feature from BIOS settings. In others, you can disable the feature from the overclocking app and uninstall that from your computer.


1. Open Settings.

2. In the Settings page, tap on the “System” settings.

3. On the right-hand side, just scroll down and tap the “Recovery” option.


Recovery Min


4. Go to the ‘Advanced startup’ section and tap “Restart now“.

Restart Now Min

You will notice that your computer has restarted and booted into the Recovery Environment.

5. In the main troubleshooting page, click on “Troubleshoot“.


Troubleshoot Min

6. On that next page, click “Advanced options” to proceed.


Troubleshoot It Min


7. Coming to the main page, tap “UEFI Firmware Settings“.


Uefi Firmware Min


8. After this you will see this prompt on your screen –

Restart to change UEFI firmware settings.


9. Here, click “Restart” to access the BIOS settings.


Restart Min


10. When the main BIOS page opens up, go to the “Performance” area. Look for settings related to Overclocking here.

11. If you can’t find it go to “Advanced” settings.

12. Here, go to the “CPU Overclocking” tab. Set this setting to “Manual“.

These CPUs won’t cross their limit except for your input.

Now, save the settings.

12. After saving the settings, you will be back to the starting page. Finally, click “Continue” on Windows 11.


Continue Min


Let your computer restart normally. Then, open Google Chrome and test it yourself.


If you are using any overclocking apps like MSI AfterBurner,  Asus GPU Tweak, and AMD OverDrive you should disable those and uninstall them as well.


Additional Tip –

Uninstall the browser from your computer and reinstall the latest version of it.