Fix: Google Chrome Too Many Requests Error 429 [Solved]

Many Windows users have recently reported that when they tried to access a URL, the Google Chrome browser on their PC displayed an error 429. This is because it happens every time a user attempts to submit too many requests in a short period of time through the browser.

Usually, this error is generated by the website to avoid getting hacked by bots or hacking viruses by sending too many requests to the server.

Users are perplexed as to what can be done at this stage and are disappointed as a result. There might be many factors for this error to cause and we have listed some of them below.

  • Cache Memory and other site data not cleared
  • Extensions installed from the third-party sources
  • Some harmful software on the system
  • Virus attack

After researching the factors listed above, we have gathered a few fixes in this post that would probably resolve Google Chrome’s error code 429 too many requests.

Fix 1 – Clear the Cookie and other site data

Sometimes clearing the cookie and other site data on google chrome browse is the best possible solution to resolve this error 429 for too many requests since the cookies and other site data getting corrupted can cause such errors.

Let us see how to clear the cookie and other site data on the Google Chrome browser on your Windows 11 system.

Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type google chrome.

Step 2: Select the Google Chrome app from the search results as shown below.


Open Google Chrome Win11


Step 3: Click three vertical dots (show more options) at the top right corner as shown in the below image.

Step 4: Go to the Settings option from the list.


Chrome Settings Min


Step 5: Click Security and Privacy on the left side of the Settings page.


Privacy And Security Chrome 11zon


Step 6: On the right side, click the Clear browsing data option as shown below.


Clear Browsing Data 11zon


Step 7: Make sure All time is selected from the dropdown list of Time range and select Cookies and other site data & Cached images and files checkboxes as shown.

Step 8: Click Clear data for clearing both cookies and other site data along with cached images and files.


Clear Data 11zon (1)


Step 9: After it is done, restart the google chrome browser once and check if the problem got resolved.

Fix 2 – Disable Extensions on Google Chrome

Extensions from the third party sources installed on the Google Chrome browser might create some problems while browsing any pages. Therefore it is suggested that users disable the extensions and check if the issue is resolved.

Follow these steps on how to turn off the extensions on Google Chrome.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your system.

Step 2: Open a new tab and enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter key.

Step 3: Once the Extensions page opens up, click on the toggle button of all the extensions that you want to disable as shown below.


Chrome Extensions1


Step 4: Once done, close the extensions page.

Step 5: Now check if the issue is fixed.

That’s all.

Fix 3 – Clean up computer for finding harmful software

Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature that scans the computer for any harmful software installed on the system that might have caused this problem. Let us see how to perform clean up the computer on the google chrome browser with some simple steps below.

Step 1: Open a new tab in the google chrome browser.

Step 2: Then, type chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter key to open the Settings page.

Step 3: Click the Advanced option to expand it on the left menu of the Settings page as shown below.

Step 4: Then select the Reset and clean up option from the list.


Advanced Reset And Cleanup 11zon


Step 5: On the right side, click the Clean up computer option.


Clean Up Computer 11zon


Step 6: Finally, click on the Find button to start finding the harmful software on the system.


Click Find Button To Clean Up Ccomputer 11zon


Step 7: After it’s done, it will display the list of software that is harmful. Otherwise, it will display “No harmful software found“.

Step 8: Close the Settings page.

Check if the problem still persists or not.


Fix 4 – Renew your IP address and Flush the DNS Cache

Usually, IP addresses are renewed after a time period set by the user in the router and when it gets renewed, the user gets the new IP address and the router restarts. So the best solution would be to renew the IP address once if you are facing such an issue on your system and also it is suggested to flush the DNS cache which stores all the IP address information of websites you had visited earlier.

Follow the below steps on how to renew the IP address and flush the DNS cache using the command prompt.

Step 1: Press Windows + R keys to open the run box.

Step 2: Type cmd in the Run box and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER keys together to open the Command Prompt application as an admin.

Step 3: Accept the User Access Control prompt by clicking Yes to continue.


7 Run Cmd Optimized


Step 4: Once the command prompt opens up, execute the below commands one by one as shown below.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


Ipconfig Renew And Release 11zon


Step 5: After it is done, copy and paste the below command in the command prompt and press Enter key to execute it.

ipconfig /flushdns


Ipconfig Flushdns 11zon


Step 6: Once done, close the command prompt window.

Now check if the problem got solved.

That’s all guys. Thank you!