How to Control your PC via your Android Phone

Did you know you can access your PC via your android Phone. Here is a complete step by step tutorial to guide you for connecting your PC via your Mobile Phone.

First of all go to google play store in your android mobile phone and install Chrome Remote Desktop by Google inc.

Now after installing when you will click on the chrome remote desktop android app on your phone, it will show you a screen like the one given below.


Chrome remote desktop no registered computer now
Chrome remote desktop no registered computer now


Now go to your PC. Opne Chrome Browser and install  Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome extension.

chrome remote desktop authorize
chrome remote desktop authorize


It will take you to chrome://chrome-signin/ page. Sign in here with the same gmail account as of your android phone.

chrome sign-in




After clicking on that an exe file will start downloading. Install that .exe file once it gets downloaded. Continue the process.

It will prompt you to choose a six digit PIN. This six digit PIN is the same PIN which will be required as a access key for pairing up with your PC.


Now go to your phone and click on chrome remote desktop again and you will find your computer there. Click on your PC icon.

PC name on chrome remote desktop



Enter the six digit key which you chose just before.

enter your PIN for connecting



Hurrah. You are now using your computer through your phone.

Connected PC via android phone


Note that You must be connected through internet in your Phone as well as your PC to do that. You can also use chrome remote desktop to connect one PC to another.