How to check and enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer

ActiveX is a software framework developed by Microsoft. ActiveX is incorporated with other software applications. Active controls are like  plug-in in the Internet Explorer, for example:- Flash player is an ActiveX control that is needed to run the videos embedded in the web page.

If you wish to install and run the plug-ins that are ActiveX controlled, then it can access any part of your computer. Internet Explorer and MS office applications make use of ActiveX. But recently launched Microsoft Edge doesn’t use ActiveX. Most of the ActiveX controls work only on Windows operating system.

Where as a few programmers think ActiveX controls as a good feature to develop some plug-in software but most of the developers see this as a security risk. If you have disabled ActiveX, then some of the web pages might appear differently. This article will show you whether ActiveX is enabled on your system.

How to check if ActiveX is enabled

Step 1: Press Windows logo Key and type ‘internet options’.

Click Internet Options from the search results.



Step 2: After Internet Options properties window appears, Click Security tab next to General.

In the Security level for this zone section, you can see there is an button called Custom level.

Click on it.




Step 3: After the Security Settings window opens, you can look for ActiveX controls and plug-ins by scrolling.

As shown in the picture below, you can see that there are many options which can be enabled or disabled.

If it is disabled, then you can switch to enabled.

Then, Click OK.




Note:- This change done comes into effect only after you restart your system.

This article showed you how to check ActiveX is enabled or not on Windows 11 as well as windows 10.

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