How to change the New Tab Page to blank page in Microsoft Edge

With the latest Microsoft update, we got the all-new Chromium-based Edge browser offering a simple, uncomplicated, and responsive approach. However, it retains its look from the legacy version of Edge in terms of showing the top and most visited websites, top site apps that are ready to download from the Store, My News Feed with recommended new content (which can also be personalized now), and also the weather and money widgets.


However, if you want to make changes to the default set up, it allows you to customize the look, or open the new tab as a blank page.

Method 1 – Using Extension

1. Open Microsoft edge

2. Go to this URL

3. Now, Click on Add to chrome.


Add Chrome Min


4. Now, go to edge://extensions/ 

5. Turn on the Empty new tab page extension

Empty Tab Page Edge Min


Method 2 – How to Customize the Microsoft Edge New Tab Page of the New Browser

1. Open Microsoft Edge

2. Copy and paste the address given below to address  bar.


3. Now, in the left menu, click On startup

4. Make sure Open a new tab is selected as an option.


Edge New Tab Startup


5. Click on New Tab page in left menu.

6. Now, in the right side click on Customize button.


New Tab Page Customize Edge



7. Now, click on custom.


Custom New Tab


8. Turn off show quick links, show greetings and background.

9. Select Content OFF in content section


Off Edge Blank


19 thoughts on “How to change the New Tab Page to blank page in Microsoft Edge”

  1. This is really typical for Microsoft, letting the user jump this many hoops until they can get out of their ecosystem. The instructions have worked and are much obliged, Madhuparna

  2. Very helpful, thanks! I used option 1 so I don’t even see my frequent links to avoid getting distracted by them while working.

  3. Thank you. I used option 2.
    Yes, Edge is updated and has a newer interface.. but this helps helps with the idea to get to the required settings.

    Thank you very much.

  4. It’s 12/3… and Method 2 worked to my satisfaction

    Yes, “Microsoft” is still there… and the search window… BUT… it is NO LONGER BING (yay)

    Instead, it’s using Google … which I set as my default search engine, after gleefully deleting Bing

  5. Under Method 2 there is still a search box and — even if you remove Bing as a search engine — the search box uses Bing. Method 1 works…a truly blank page.

  6. As of 6/15/2021, this approach worked for me, thank you. The key was to click the gear in step 7… which then opened Page Layout dialog, with the “Custom” choice. Steps 8 and 9 then worked fine. I don’t mind the Microsoft search bar, having set Google in the Address bar as the default search engine, and “about:blank” as the home page on opening.

  7. This almost works. On my version (Version 91.0.864.41 (Official build) (64-bit), June 10, 2021) the screen snapshot above is close, but I’m missing the “show greeting” toggle.


  8. There is no “content off” option. Only “content visible,” “content partially visible,” and “headings only”

  9. I don’t want a blank page – I want a custom url ( but lovely Microsoft don’t seem to let you do that because, as we all know, Microsoft know best and we don’t want anything else but Microsoft!

  10. This method does not really make the new page a truly blank page. Following these given settings, Edge still displays a Microsoft logo with a search bar; not a completely blank page. So, this article is a bit misleading.

  11. That’s not a blank page. That’s a page with a Microsoft logo and a search bar that, in my experience, uses Bing rather than the search engine configured as default, even when the non-default search engines have been removed from the list configured for Edge.

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