13 Best Voice changer Software for Windows PC

Whether it’s about changing your age based on your face, or your voice, effects are fun. Modification of your voice is one such cool digital invention that allows you to have fun playing pranks with your friends in real-time. You can also disguise your voice to stay anonymous, for instance, as a radio jockey, or modify voice for voiceovers for movies and ad films.

All this is possible using a good quality voice changing software that is much popular these days. These programs take advantage of call apps to change your voice that make the entire on-call interaction a playful and amusing experience. From changing your voice to match a cartoon character or a robot to posing as a celebrity or politician, it enables you to have a lot of fun with these apps.

Here are some of the best voice changing software that can help you to create and disguise voice for fun.


Voxal Voice Changer

This is a simple yet powerful program that allows you to change, alter, or camouflage your voice in any voice app or game. The game or the app should be using a microphone that takes it to a different level of entertainment.


  • It offers a wide range of voice changing options including alien, women, or a cartoon character for radio, internet, voiceovers, video games, and more.
  • It allows you to apply the effects to the current files and also in real-time in the presence of a microphone or any other audio input mode.
  • It provides the option to upload and store the series of effects for voice changes.
  • It offers a wide number of personalized voice effects, the option to create voices for audiobook characters, and allows you to hear the effects in real-time by connecting the voice change to speakers.

Moreover, it sports a straightforward and responsive interface, consumes minimum CPU space, and is compatible with all current games and applications.

Price: Free trial available; Plans start from $12.99 for unlimited use.


This voice changing solution allows you to personalize your calling experience offering data and conditions, both within your reach. This high-standard global carrier network is known for its inventive, simplified, and resizable voice functions.


  • Syncs effortlessly and live with external dealers, for instance, that work on AI.
  • It offers improved business results by allowing you to call over VoIP and telephone network.
  • It provides more adaptability with a range of JSON actions that helps manage the course of your calls via the Voice API.
  • It allows you to organize audio conferences using just a few codes.
  • It offers a personalized experience based on whether you reach a living person or a voice message.

Option to sync saved call recordings with your chosen process tools, to speak text to callers in different languages, smooth audio streaming of saved media, or the facility to record up to 32 call members, are among its other major features.

Price: Free trial available; Pricing starts from $0.0075/message.


VoicemodThis is one of the best voice changing software in the list that enables you to change your voice in real-time for online games.


  • It’s a straightforward online voice morphing software that helps change your voice to a woman’s voice, robot, etc.
  • Also works perfectly for games, online chatting, and syncs smoothly with programmable third-party streaming devices.
  • It allows you to use funny sounds (MP3 or WAV formats) like meme or troll sounds and assigns hotkeys for them.

Best of all, it works with some of the most popular games and apps including PUBG, Discord, Skype, or VRChat.

Price: Free

Hero Voicer – Voice Changer

Hero Voice Changer

If you are looking for some fun, this voice changer is just what you need. It changes your voice in a way that it sounds completely different on a call, therefore, making prank calls to a different level.


  • Offers many different voices for fun, for example, you can sound like a robot or an alien.
  • Changes the pitch of your voice, thus, sounding like a man or a woman, and others.
  • Allows you to add sound effects in the background like traffic noise, storm, etc.
  • Offers around 12 types of voices and sound effects, which you can also combine.
  • Lets you add your custom voice by mixing and importing new voices.

Moreover, you can select a voice in one click, manages your voices, offers an easy to use interface, and more.

Price: Free

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer

This is a versatile voice changing software that allows your voice to be morphed in almost all popular apps like Hangouts, Ventrilo, Discord, Skype, Steam, and so on. It has to be installed as an add-on to the app and so, you must allow it access to your system microphone or any other supported audio device.


  • Easy to use and simple application that works with different chat apps and also with video text messages.
  • It automatically syncs with the console of the platform you are communicating with your voice.
  • Sports a simple interface with nominal features that works for both beginners and professionals.
  • From robot, or baby pitch to silence, mutation, gender, etc., it offers all the sound parameters for a voice changer.

Virtual studio technology with multiple plugins, option to save a new voice in another file or format, or compatibility with all major audio formats, are some of its other important features.

Price: Free.


This is a high-quality voice changer that modifies your voice online as well ass in online games. Coupled with a top-level technology for voice learning, sound quality, and background noise cancellation, it offers a great experience for users.


  • Allows you to modify voices as much as you can to generate more such mixes.
  • Transforms it into a soundboard with hotkeys that generate drum rolls and fart sounds.
  • Lets you add a background sound as you talk.

Excellent silent background noise cancellation or changing your voice to resemble the character in the game are some of its other significant features.

Price: Priced at $39.99

AV Voice Changer

This is another great voice changing software that allows you to do anything with your voice or any other voice. From manipulating your voice or recording to cutting or blending, you can tweak your voice or any sound file live and also in waveform editing.


  • The voice editor allows you to edit and add effects to adorn your morphed voice file exactly as per your needs.
  • It offers a range of state-of-the-art voice effects and filters.
  • It provides extended functions like Voice Characters, Voice Enhancing, and more.
  • Allows you to record using the microphone or record any sound from internet radio, instant messengers, etc.

Option to modify batch voice files concurrently, to choose from more than hundred nickvoices, analyzing voices, power to blend parody voices, option to swiftly import other person’s voice, or defining global hotkeys for mostly used features, are among its other major features.

Price: Free trial version; Full license priced at $59.97.


This is yet another voice changer that lets you have a lot of fun with your changed voice. From recording your voice or adding effects to the option to share them with friends, it offers much entertainment for free.


  • Also allows you to change your voice straight from Whatsapp with effects like robot, child, normal, monster, helium, and more.
  • Offers the option to save recordings, set the changed voice file as ringtone, and set the file as phone notification sound.
  • Works with other applications like Audio streaming tools, VoIP tools, In-game chatting rooms, and more.

Additionally, in advanced levels, it can also compare two different voices, offers support for movie maker, modifies voice in real-time, creates parody voice and much more.

Price: Free.

All-in-One Voice Changer

Changing voice in calls is no more just an idea. This app makes it true by enabling you to tweak your voice both in voice calls and video calls, efficiently. Whether you want to keep your identity hidden, or you want to play pranks with your kids or friends, this software is of great use.


  • Easy to handle and easy to set up.
  • Allows you to run a test on the different voice changing effects as long as you want.
  • It offers the option to conveniently control the useful slider to modify the pitch and effect.
  • Provides voice effect signals as five different icons.
  • It allows you to run test recordings and review them later.
  • It helps you to make calls with your Skype account with the correct tone and pitch.

Among its other important features are, ability to automatically sync with your voice call apps like Skype or Instant Messenger, and option to select between voice effects like Male, Female, Dragon, Kitten, etc.

Price: Free trial version available.

Skype Voice Changer Pro

While there are many voice changing apps already available that sync with Skype to change your voice while on calls, however, this one’s a tad different in its approach. It allows you to modify your voice with live effects or converse in a robotic voice.


  • Easy to use and allows you to replay the sounds that have been recorded previously along with your conversations.
  • Lest you preview each effect before you begin with the call.
  • It allows you to change the criteria of the effects, live, as you continue talking.
  • Offers the option to record your Skype calls to WAV, MP3, AAC, or WMA formats.
  • It also offers the facility to capture the audio from individual callers.

Moreover, it also covers another great feature where your voice can be changed to a completely different voice using the speech synthesis function.

Price: Free

Voice Master

This software is especially for Skype, using which you can adjust the pitch of your voice while making a Skype call. This proves to be useful especially if you want to change the default options in the app or you want to simply use it for fun.


  • The interface offers three modes – pitch modification, preview option, and configuration.
  • Allows you to run any other program simultaneously with the window minimized and while you continue to chat.
  • Lets you test your voice before you use the effect on Skype.

This is more of an add-on for Skype that adds to the voice calling feature. It’s lightweight and does not slow down the Skype performance while it works in the background.

Price: Freeware.

Fake Voice

When in the mood to fake your voice to fool your friends for some fun, this software can be useful for you. You can alter your voice to sound like a man, woman, older, younger, high-pitched or deep. You can also change your voice with added effects like robotic, echo, and more.


  • Offers live playback while you are busy changing your voice.
  • It allows you to tweak your voice to different tones.

Moreover, it consumes only as much space required and hence, does not slow down the system.

Price: Free trial version available.

Virtual Personality

This voice changing software is developed for both telephonic and online conversations. It offers a superior-quality innate voice tone loaded with pitch and frequency-based controls.


  • Compatible with PC, telephone line, and with online applications through an exclusive telephone adapter.
  • Manipulates and change your voice. All you need to do is to speak on the microphone and the changed voice heard on the other side.
  • It offers 24 separate voice effects.

Automatic display of recent usage data, option to record using a regular tape recorder, or though modem, and perfect for individuals, businesses, or private investigators, this app has a lot to offer.

Price: Free trial version.


So, whether you want to change your voice while conversing with your friends online, or modify your pitch using a supported audio format, for instance, a man wanting to sound like a woman, these are undoubtedly the best voice changing software around for that added fun. Make a choice from the above list and start fooling your friends with that newly changed voice.