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  1. C says

    First of all … you’re beautiful!
    That said … is ultra file viewer SAFE. I hate installing the wrong stuff.
    Thank you,

  2. Owen Blackburn says

    Hi Madhuparna.
    This free file viewer list is very helpful – thankyou.
    I was looking because my wife has a new Lenovo laptop that is pre-loaded with WIN 10 and some other MS programs. One is called “Mail.”
    Her previous laptop had Outlook on it, so I exported her Contacts and Inbox to a .pst file, so I could restore them onto the new mail program, but there’s no way to do that. The new “Mail” is some MS hybrid program!
    So, do you know of a program that won’t cost gazillions of dollars but will allow .pst files to be opened and imported into this Mail thing? If it will make the attachments available to retain too, that would be really great!
    Kind regards, Owen Blackburn