What is an .ASD file ? How to open it in Windows 10

Sometimes, you don’t see an application associated with a file type. It becomes frustrating as we wouldn’t know how to open it. If you choose any wrong application to open it, you won’t be able to open and an error will be shown. One such file type is .asd. ¬†Have you ever come across a file extension called ASD and wondered what it is? In this article, let us discuss more on this extension. Also, explore different ways of opening it.

What is an ASD file?

Microsoft Word has this really cool feature called Auto Recovery. Let us say, you are writing a word document and suddenly your system crashes. You haven’t really stored your work by then. When Auto recover is enabled, the file is automatically saved at regular intervals of time. So in such cases, even when you haven’t manually saved a thing, you will be able to recover most of your work. The system stores this word document in .asd format

By default, Auto Recover is enabled and the file is saved every 10 minutes in a certain location.

How to Open ASD files?

The ASD file extensions can be opened by Microsoft Word. By default, Windows recommends using Microsoft word for .asd filetypes. However, at times there might be an issue. The Word might throw errors stating “Data is Unsupported” and might not open.

In this article, let us discuss different ways of opening it safely.

Method 1: From Recent Douments

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and click on the File Menu option






Step 2: In the opening window,

  1. Choose Open
  2. Make sure you are in the Recent Documents tab
  3. In the next section, scroll down to the end till you see the Recover Unsaved Documents button and Click on it



Open Window Settings Min


Step 3: Now, the default location where the Unsaved files are stored opens,

  1. Choose the required file
  2. Click on Open


Unsaved File Location




  • By default, the files are stored in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word. Sometimes the files are stored inside the UnsavedFiles folder within this location.
  • If the file is stored in some other location, navigate to that location and select the file.


Step 4: Now, the file opens, save the file(Ctrl+S) so that the file is now saved in .docx format, and continue working.

Method 2: From Manage Versions

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and click on the File Menu option






Step 2: In the opening window,

  1. Choose the Info tab
  2. Click on Manage versions
  3. Click on Recover Unsaved Documents






Step 3: Now follow the instructions from Step 3, Step4 in Method 1


That’s All. We hope you have found this article informative. Thank you for Reading. Kindly comment and let us know if the solutions worked.