How to install the hidden Aero Lite theme in Windows 11

Do you know about a hidden theme named Aero Lite that you can use in Windows 11? Aero Lite is a hidden theme that you can tweak to use in Windows 10, also. If you haven’t discovered this feature yet, follow these steps to set the Aero Lite theme on your new Windows 11 computer.


How to enable the hidden Aero Lite theme in Windows 11

Just enact all these steps sequentially to enable the Aero Lite theme in Windows 11.

1. Press the Windows key+E keys together to open the Explorer.

2. Then, go here –



3. In the Themes folder, you will find the list of themes.

4. Select the “aero” and click on the “Copy” icon on the edit bar.


Aero Copy Min


5. Next, go to your desktop.

6. Further, right-click on empty space and click on the “New item“.

7. After that, tap on the “Folder” to create a new folder on the desktop.


New Item Folder Min


7. Now, open the new folder to acess it.

8. Just paste the “aero” theme that you have copied before.

9. Right-click on the “aero” theme and click on “Rename” icon (the third icon) to rename the aero theme.


Aero Rename Min


10. Name it as “AeroLite.theme“.

11. Then, right-click on the “AeroLite.theme” and click on “Open with>” and click on “Choose another app“.


Open With New Min


12. Then, click on the “More>“.

13. Next, select the “Notepad” from the list of apps and click on “OK“.


Notepad Ok Min


Aero Lite theme will be opened in Notepad.

14. When it does opens up, delete two lines in the “[Theme]” section.

In this machine, it was these lines –


We have just delete these two lines.


Delete Two Lines Min


15. Then, just paste this line in the “[Themes]“.

Displayname=Aero Lite


Display Name Min


16. Next, scroll down to the “Visual Styles” section.

17. Then, replace the “aero.msstyles“with the “aerolite.msstyles“.


Aero Lite Ms Styles Min


18. Finally, press the “Ctrl+S” buttons together to save the modification.

Next, just close the Notepad window.

Finally, just double click on the new “AeroLite.theme” to set it as your default theme.

That’s it! This is the way, you can set the hidden AeroLite theme on your computer.