How to Add New Language in Microsoft Edge Browser

Whenever you browse through different websites, you will get to see languages other than English as well. Some webpages are translated into default language by the translator in the browser. Usually the browser doesn’t prompt to translate the webpages for the secondary language set by the user and one can continue reading the webpage as it is. In this article, we will show you how to add secondary new language in microsoft edge browser in windows 11

How to Add New Language in Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 11 PC

Step 1: Open Microsoft edge browser

Press Win key on your keyboard and type microsoft edge.

Select Microsoft Edge browser application from the search results as shown below.

Open Microsoft Edge Win11

Step 2: In the Microsoft Edge browser

Click on show more (three horizontal dots) as shown below.

Then, Select Settings from the list.

Settings Microsoft Edge Browser Win11

Step 3: In the Settings page

Click on Languages in the left pane of the window.

Language In Settings Microsoft Edge Win11

Step 4: In the Languages page

Click on Add languages button in the Language option as shown in the picture.

Add Language Microsoft Edge Settings Win11

Step 5: In the Add languages window

Type any language(Eg:- Hindi) in the search bar as shown below.

Then, Select the language checkbox from the search results.

At last Click Add.

Add Languages Microsoft Edge Browser Win11

Step 6: Once done, you can notice that the added language can be seen below the default languages English.

Added Language Shown Microsoft Edge Browser Win11


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