6 Must Have Business Tools (Online and Offline)

With today’s fast paced environment, it is often hard to deal with everything that needs to be done in each day. Business people strive for the best, yet the results aren’t always satisfactory. No matter how persistent or determined you are, you can always use some extra help when picking a software.


You can find various products on the internet that can boost your work efficiency and help you better organize your line of business. However, the choices are endless, and it has become almost impossible to find the right products.

With this in mind, we’ve searched for different online and desktop software that could be helpful in everyday tasks. We divided them into 6 main categories that you can potentially face. So, here are our 6 must-have tools to help anyone struggling with office productivity:

Google Analytics — Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have service for anyone running an online business in 2016. It should be used on a regular basis, if you want to be in an advantage over your competition.

The tool lets you discover important statistics for your landing pages, conversions, demographics and more. You can use it to see insights from where visitors are coming, bounce rate, time spent on site and many more metrics. It helps you to understand how people are behaving, so you can resolve all website issues pretty quickly.

OnlyWire — Social Media

Having a business and not being present on social media is, simply put, a bad move. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools that entrepreneurs can use to manage their social accounts. One such tool is OnlyWire, that helps you share your content to more than 50 social networks at once.

Instead of going account by account, OnlyWire lets you easily automate and speed up the whole process. The tool also tracks and analyzes your data, providing much needed statistics that can eventually improve your social media success.

LastPass — Security

This online tool makes your business life easier by remembering all passwords for your favorite sites. It literally saves hours, as you can finally stop wasting time remembering all those numbers and words.
The only thing you need to remember is one main password, which you use inside your own LastPass manager. By having this tool, you can concentrate on more relevant things at work and not spend 30 minutes trying to remember your passwords.

Able2Extract 10 — PDF Editing

Able2Extract is designed to help you edit PDF in just a couple of button clicks. From easy ones, such is adding and removing text, up to more complicated (like splitting and merging) — all can be done in no time.

Besides text editing, you can move, rotate, resize pages and even merge a couple of PDFs into one large document. With WYSIWYG text editor, all modifications are instantly visible inside the software. The tool provides a 7-day free trial, so you can download it and check it out yourself.

Rapportive — Email Management

Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that shows contact & social media profiles right inside your inbox. It act as a sidebar, containing all contact details of people you’re emailing. Pretty useful for any busy inbox, don’t you think?

You’ll see your contract’s job, social media links, picture, company profile and more. The tool can help anyone be more efficient in their daily email management.

DeskTime — Time Tracking

DeskTime provides an answer to the question — what are your employees actually doing?
It’s not the same as other tracking tools that you try and forget, since it has a real-time automatic tracker, which makes it that much easier.

You can create 3 main categories — productive, unproductive and neutral, that show you how busy your employees are. DeskTime works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android, so you can follow your employees anywhere. In a good way, of course.

By adding these tools to your daily tool arsenal, you can increase your productivity in the office and boost your business management skills. In addition, the tools will make your work more relaxed, stress-free and save your precious time in every single project you tackle.