Top 10 Legal & Copyright Free Music download sites

10 Best copyright free legal Music & Mp3 Download Sites to download free Music-:  Music is favorite of many people because it not only entertains but also freshens the mind. There are many options for people to listen to music. But most of the people want cost effective way to entertainment. And the websites having a huge collection of songs and music of renowned artists and the newcomers as well offer free online music. There is also an option to download the songs free and listen those offline. Also, there is an option to buy the rights of songs from these sites. These music sites also have proven to be a platform for the new talents to create a fan club and get their creations acknowledged. It is the strength of fan club that decided popularity of an artist and it also helps them build up career. Here we have mentioned some popular websites have a huge collection of free songs of renowned and also the new artists. Just you can download the songs and enjoy the music of choice.

Note: – There is a youtube channel also having copyright free background sounds. Also For free sound clips of various sounds try

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1. SoundCloud


Available on Android, iOS and the Windows-based devices as well the app is free with a huge collection/album of songs. For Windows based devices including mobile phones, there are a huge amount of third-party SoundCloud websites available. You can download a song or listen to it online on this website. There is no limit to listening songs online. Not only this, several very famous singers have also uploaded their songs to SoundCloud, which you can download. However, songs of all the singers in the collection are not available for free download. You can download songs of such singers only if the uploader enables you to do so by displaying download button with the song. So, just enjoy the song of your choice offline with a click on the download button. SoundCloud is a favorite website for several celebrities of the music world as they upload their creations here, which are available free for the music lovers.

2. Jamendo


The huge album of more than 4,60,000 songs available on this website include creations of several promising newcomers who have found Jamendo as a platform to find a fan club which admires their talent. On this website, you can favor such promising newcomers by listening to their songs. Not only newcomers but many established artists have also uploaded their songs on this website. It is very easy to download songs of choice from this website and there is no limit for this. On this one of the largest music album across the globe that is available on Android and iOS based devices besides, also as a website for Windows on the computer and the tabs, you can find songs in six languages including English, Italian, German, Polish, French, and Spanish.



Presently, the app for this site is available on the Windows based devices but the website for Android and the iOS is also going to be available soon. With the slogan Free Now and Free Forever, QTRAX is offering unlimited songs of the artists of your choice for download absolutely free. Here you do not need to subscribe for listening to a song of choice. Without subscribing you can enjoy the songs of the artists of your choice. Just you need to download the songs and listen to them offline. With no limit for download, radio and streaming your album is always full of your favorite songs.

4. NoiseTrade


NoiseTrade is a social network for the music fans where thousands of marvelous songs of renowned artists are available. It offers free upload option of their creations to the artists. And, the fans can download songs of their choice absolutely free by just opening a free fan account. NoiseTrade is a platform where artists remain connected with their fans with their songs. This connectivity enables the artists to have a great fan club. Not only the established artists but the newcomers too avail the benefit of having a great fan club and get their creations acknowledged. Normally, the fans can enjoy songs of their choice free but if they want any particular song, there is an option to have it on nominal payment basis too. has proved to be a bridge between artists and their fans.

5. Amazon MP3


Well known as the leading online retailing of an extensive range of products, Amazon is now presenting digital products like games and songs as well. You can purchase MP3 songs of choice on payment from the free website Amazon that is available on Android and the iOS networks. At the same time, if you do not wish to pay, songs are available that you can download free directly from Amazon MP3 website or the mobile website. It is one among biggest legal free music stores on the internet as more than 47000 songs are available for free download here. Although you would not find all of the recent songs but a combination of many new ones and the most liked ones among old songs are available here for free download. What you have to do is just search for your favorite song. Amazon has divided category of songs depending upon their types that include Classical, Folk, Children’s Music, Country, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock & Metal, Pop, Blues, Broadway and Vocalists, Dance & Electronic, New Age, International, R&B, Miscellaneous and much more.

6. SoundClick


This music library is not as big as other ones. Nevertheless, a large collection of free songs are available here. While thousands of renowned artists sell their songs on SoundClick, many others including those who are trying to establish themselves make available their songs free. You can download the songs as per choice. But if you want to purchase the right of a particular song it is possible here. At the same time, you can download the songs that are free. There is a big collection of marvelous songs that you can download free.

7. SoundOwl


Like other websites or the websites, Soundowl also offers a huge album of the songs of not only renowned artists but also the newcomers. It is a global network where artists and the bloggers can provide access of their creations to people across the globe. This site provides full safety to the artists that their creations are not tampered. Policy of the site mentioned in the DMCA page clearly states that only those artists who have the rights to the music can share their creation on this site. Nevertheless, if any song is available on the site without the consent of the concerned artist, it can be deleted immediately just on an e-mail by the artist. But the fans do not need to bother. They can enjoy the songs online or even offline by downloading the creations shared by the artists on the site. The site has also Shuffle feature that enables the fans find marvelous songs.

8. Free Music Archive


The Free Music Archive is a bit different from other music libraries in fact its UI is little messed up. A website available on Android and the iOS devices, the archive does not allow anyone to upload the music. But the music is made available by music hubs like radio stations, labels, and other sources. You can download the songs of choice from these music hubs even if not registered with the site. The Free Music Archive offers free accessibility to songs and music like the radio stations do. Also, there is an option where you can add those songs to your playlist of which you own the rights.

9. Internet Archive


Songs, music, software and much more you can find for free download on Internet Archive, which is one of the largest archives. You can find not only free songs in the audio section of this archive but other audio files such as audiobooks, live music, podcasts and others. Although searching the categories is not very easy, but if ready to take some trouble you can find some marvelous songs. Here you can also generate some marvelous mixtapes after downloading free live music or the tunes of your choice from the radio channels.

10. PureVolume


You can download or stream songs of choice from PureVolume that is available just as a website and it has no mobile website. But all songs are not available for downloading. It is the prerogative of artists whether they allow downloading of their songs or not. You can download only those songs which are allowed by the artists. Nevertheless, many artists have uploaded their songs with an option for free download. So, anyone can download songs of such artists and enjoy free music. At the same time, many artists have uploaded their songs on PureVolume with an option for online streaming only. There is an option for only online streaming and you can’t download such songs for offline use. Here you also get free covers as well as remixes of the songs that are much liked.

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