Your change can not be saved error While changing time zone Fix

Time and Date settings have great underlying importance on your Windows 10 experience. In the absence of proper time zone settings, you won’t be able to use even a browser! But some users are recently complaining that they are seeing this error message – “Unable to continue. You do not have permission to perform this task.” while altering the time zone.

Fix 1 – Alter the Time Zone using CMD

You have to change the Time Zone using the Command Prompt.

1. Go to the Default Time Zone page.

2. Here, a list of default time zones is given along with the “Timezone” and ‘Country‘.

3. Find out the exact time zone you want. Note down the name of the “Timezone” you want to set.


Example – If you want to set the machine to the timezone of ‘Austria’, the time zone that you need to note is –

W. Europe Standard Time



Time Table Min


Close the browser once you have noted the timezone details.

4. After that, type “cmd” in the search bar.

5. Then, right-click on “Command Prompt” on the elevated search result, and then click on “Run as administrator“.


Cmd Search New Min


6. In the terminal, paste this command, modify it with the timezone you want. Then, hit Enter to execute it.

tzutil /s "Timezone"



Replace the ‘Timezone’ with the Timezone details you have noted from the Timezone website.

The command will be –

tzutil /s "W. Europe Standard Time"



Set Time Cmd Min


This way you have successfully set the particular timezone on your machine.


Alternate method –

If you can’t alter the Timezone using the CMD terminal, you can use PowerShell.

1. Go to the Default Time Zone page and note down the particular time zone.


Time Table Min


2. Press the Windows key+X keys together.

3. Then, click on “Windows PowerShell“.


Powershell Windows Key X


4. Once the PowerShell opens up, type this code and hit Enter.

Set-TimeZone "Timezone"

[Simply the ‘Timezone’ in the code with the timezone you have noted.

The command will look like –

Set-TimeZone "W. Europe Standard Time"



Set Time Zone Powershell Min


This should solve your problem.

Fix 2 – Turn On the Location services

1. Click on start button and then gear shaped icon and click on settings to open settings

Settings Gear Min Min


2. Now, Click on Privacy.

3. Now, click on location from left menu.

4. Click on change from the right section.

5. Now, make sure location access is turned ON.


Setting Privacy Location Min

Fix 2 – Alter the time zone policy

You can alter the time zone policy to fix this error.

1. At first you have to press the Windows key+R keys together.

2. Write this run command here. Click on “OK“.



Run Secpol.msc 1


Local Security Policy settings will open up.

3. Once the Local Security Policy window prevails, go this way –

Local Policies > User Rights Assignment


4. Now, on your right-hand side, you will notice the “Change the system time” policy.

5. Double click on that particular policy.


Change System Time Dc Min


6. In the Change the system time Properties window, go to the “Local Security Setting“.

7. Click on “Add User or Group“.


Add User Or Group


8. Here, click on “Advanced“.


Select User Enter The Object Name To Select Advanced


9. Next, click on the “Object Types…” to select a few objects.


Object Types Min


10. In the Object Types screen, just check all the object boxes.

11. Finally, click on “OK“.


Check All The Options Min


12. Just, click on “Find now” for once.

13. After that, look for “Everyone” in the list of users. Select that.

14. Finally, click on “OK” to include everyone in the list of permitted users.


Everyone Ok Min


15. Click on “OK” to finish the process.




16. Now you will notice that ‘Everyone’ has appeared in the list of users permitted to alter the policy.


Every One In The List


17. Finally, click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes.


Apply Ok Min Min


This way, you have just allowed every user of your computer to alter the date and time settings at their will.

Fix 3 – Set the timezone from Control Panel

You can set the correct timezone from the Control Panel.

1:  Press Windows key and R key together to open RUN.

2: Type Timedate.cpl and hit Enter key from keyboard

Timedate Cpl Min


3. Go to the “Date and Time” tab.

4. Here, click on the “Change time zone…” to alter the time zone settings.


Change Time Zone Min


5. Then, click on the drop-down of the ‘Time zone:’ and select your time zone from the list.

6. Finally, click on “OK” to save the changes.


Set The Time Zone Min


This should set the proper timezone settings on your machine.

Your problem should be solved.