Fix Windows Sandbox Error : No Hypervisor Was Found Error 0xc0351000

If you are using Windows Sandbox, you are likely to encounter an error stating No Hypervisor was found accompanied by error code 0xc0351000. The Full error is as shown below,

No hypervisor was found. Please enable hypervisor support.
Error 0xc0351000. No hypervisor is present on this system.

In case you are seeing this error, then read along. We have sorted out some fixes that might help you solve the error.

Fix 1: Ensure Virtualisation is enabled

Step 1: Right on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the context menu



Task Manager



Step 2: Go to the Performance tab

Step 3: Check the Status of Virtualization. Virtualization should be Enabled



Virtualization Status Min



Step 4: In case the Virtualization is disabled, Enter the BIOS or UEFI Settings page.

Refer to the link, How to Open UEFI BIOS settings in Windows 10

Step 5: Once the BIOS page is opened, using the arrow keys navigate to the System Configuration tab and hit Enter

Step 6: Use the downward arrow key to reach Virtualization Technology and Enable it.

Step 7: Save the changes by pressing the F10 key

Step 8: Close the BIOS page and restart the system.

This should help. In case you are still seeing the issue, try the next fix.

Fix 2: Turn On Certain Windows Features

Step 1: In the search bar of the taskbar type Turn Windows features

Step 2: From the menu choose the option Turn Windows features on or off



Desktop Start Turn Windows Features On Or Off Click On Result



Step 3: In the appearing window, scroll down and locate Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform

Step 4: Tick to turn on these features and press on the OK button



Virtual Machine And Hyperisor Platform On



Step 5: Restart your System.

Hope this fix helps, If not, try the next fix.

Fix 3: Make sure that the hypervisor is enabled to start up automatically

Step 1: Search CMD in windows 10 taskbar search.

Step 2: Once the search result appears, right-click on the command prompt icon.

Step 3:  From the context menu choose Run as administrator.



Commandprompt As Admin Windows 10 Taskbar Search



Step 4: In the command prompt window, enter the below command and hit Enter

BCDEDIT /Set {current} hypervisorlaunchtype auto


Step 5: Restart the computer

Step 6: Open Command Prompt as Admin

Step 7: Type the below command and hit Enter



Step 8: Under the Windows Boot Loader section, the hypervisorlaunchtype should be Auto

With this, the issue should be resolved.


That’s All. We hope this has been informative.

Kindly comment and let us know which of the above fix helped. Also, let us know if you run into any issues. We will be glad to assist.

Thank you for Reading.