How to set up Windows Hello feature in Windows 11 for the first time

Windows Hello is a new personalized way of sign in to the windows system. With Windows Hello you can either choose a biometric way(Fingerprint or Facial recognition) or a pin-based signing in option. Windows Hello allows you to make a more secure and faster login. You can uplift the privacy of the system with biometric authentications to log in. Windows Hello was introduced in Windows 10 and the feature is continued in Windows 11 as well. This will eliminate you from the tedious process of remembering passwords. Biometric authentication is less prone to hacks compared to password-based login. Let us see how to use Windows Hello feature.

Note: To use the biometric authentication feature there should be hardware support in your system to capture fingerprints or face recognition.

Steps to Enable Windows Hello

Step 1: Press Win+R keys, type ms-settings:accounts and click OK.

Accounts Run Cmd Min

Step 2: Select Sign-in options from Account settings.

Acount Settings Min

Step 3: In Ways to the sign-in section you can see Facial recognition(Windows Hello), Fingerprint Recognition(Windows Hello), PIN(Windows Hello).

Windows Hello Min

Note: If your system does not have a camera compatible with Windows Hello Face or does not have a Fingerprint Scanner compatible with Windows Hello Fingerprint this option is shown as currently unavailable.

Step 4: When you have corresponding hardware support you can select the option and set it up. Now let us see how to set up a Fingerprint for sign-in. Click on Set up.

Setup Min

Step 5: Follow the instructions to set up the fingerprint. Swipe on the fingerprint scanner so that windows can collet your fingerprint.

Finger Swipe Min

Finger Print Collection Min

Step 6: Once the fingerprint is collected, windows want you to set PIN as a backup login option. Click on Set up PIN  to proceed.

Setup Pin Min

Step 7: You will be prompted with a Windows Security popup to verify your account password before setting up your PIN. Enter the password and click on OK.

Windows Security MinStep 8: Once your account password is verified, you can set the New PIN which will be used as a backup sign-in option. Enter New PIN and click OK.


New Pin Min

Step 9: Your setup is complete. Now you can use Windows Hello Feature with the fingerprint and sign-in.

Setup Complete Min

Note: Setting up face recognition also will be similar. Follow the instructions.

That’s all! Your Windows Hello Feature is ready to use for sign-in. Enjoy faster and safe sign-in. Did you like this feature? Comment and let us know. If you have any queries related to setup please comment below. We will be glad you help you. Thank you for reading. Happy reading!!