Forget finding lost phones, Now find anything with Tile

tile app

Everyone know how to find where they kept there Phone. Its simple, just call your phone with your friend’s phone and the ringtone will guide you to the edge of sofa or below the pillows or whatever weird places it slipped in. I always thought that it would have been great if i could call my bike which i couldn’t find in the parking lot or call my lost wallet  from other wallet and could find it. It seems funny but behind every wish there lies a great entrepreneurial opportunity. The maker of tile app have sensed it and sensed it well.

They have built tile a tiny capsule sized device which you can attach with any object you wish, either it be your bag containing documents related to your divorce applications, or your dog who always amuse you with his eloping capabilities. Once attached, you can track your thing with your smartphone.

Tile is a bluetooth powered device having the size less than of a matchbox and like other great innovations, its also crowdfunded.

You may wonder about recharging of this device as recharging your phone daily is a pain in the whatever. But this device actually runs for an year after that you will get reminded about the renewal of the device by the company and it will send you an envelope to recycle the old ones.

The app could have been a boon for the leonard of Memento, but let him be happy with his polaroid camera, it can be a great assistant when you are running out of time while going to your office and you can’t find your most important stuff.

What happens when the object move out of range of your smartphone. Its simple, you can mark your object as lost item and if it comes in range of any other tile in the world, it gets tracked.