Steps for custom size allocation of recycle bin in windows 10

Recycle Bin comes into rescue when we have second thoughts after we delete an item. When we press on the Delete button, the item goes to Recycle Bin, where it gets temporarily stored till we perform the Delete from Recycle Bin operation. The Recycle Bin can be customized to fit in the items. When new items get moved to the Recycle Bin and if the Bin runs out of space, old items in the Recycle Bin get deleted in order to accommodate the new ones. This running out of space can be customized. If we do not want our Bin to run out of space pretty quick, we can set the size of Recycle Bin to a large value. Likewise, if we want our Bin to be fresh with only the recently deleted items occupying it’s space, we can set the size to a comparatively lower value.

The default behavior of Windows is such that the Recycle Bin has a 10 percentage storage capability for each of the windows partitions. That is, if the D drive is of 500 GB storage and E drive is of 200 GB, then Recycle Bin is capable of piling upto 50 GB and 20 GB of deleted items for drives D and E respectively. Read on, to learn how to change the default size allocations of Recycle Bin on Windows 10.


  • Loctate the icon for Recycle Bin on your Windows screen and right click on it. From the context menu that appears, choose Properties.



  • Now a new Window named Recycle Bin Properties opens up. If you click on drive D under the Recycle Bin Location, then under Settings for selected location, you can customize the maximum size as shown in the screenshot. After making the changes, click on OK button for the changes to take over.



  • Likewise, you can customize the Recycle Bin maximum size for other drives as well.



  • If you want the files to be immediately deleted, without being moved to the Recycle Bin, then you can check the radio button as shown in the screenshot.



  • Also, you can choose whether or not to be shown the delete confirmation dialog every time you attempt to delete an item. For this, you can check/uncheck the Display delete confirmation dialog button as shown in the screenshot.


If you do not customize the Recycle Bin maximum size, then the chances of you losing a data that is not intended to be lost is very high. So, always customize your Recycle Bin size inorder to protect your data. Hope the article was found useful.