How to Fix Snapchat Login Issues on iPhone [Solved]

Snapchat is the application most youth of this generation are into for communication and for having fun. But lately, we have been receiving many reports regarding the login issues faced by iPhone users while trying to access the Snapchat app on their iPhones.

Some of the login issues that iPhone users experienced are “Could not connect”, “User not found”, “Please check your connection and try again”, etc., and does not letting users from logging in to the Snapchat app.

There may be different reasons for causing this type of issue with the Snapchat app on iPhone and we have collectively listed a few among them below.

  • Poor internet connection
  • The user’s account has been deleted or deactivated for some reason
  • Outdated Snapchat application
  • Changes in the network settings on the iPhone
  • The issue with the Snapchat application
  • Using a VPN on the iPhone
  • Third-party apps or plugins to access the Snapchat services

In this article, you will find many solutions in order to fix different types of login issues related to the Snapchat app on any iPhone. If you are facing the same, you have come to the right post. Please continue reading and get this fixed.

Fix 1 – Reset Network Settings

Some iPhone users have claimed that some network settings were causing this issue and by resetting the network on their iPhones, they were able to fix this problem. So try network settings reset on the iPhone as explained using the steps below.

Step 1: You need to open the Settings app on the iPhone as a first step.

Step 2: Then tap on the General option as shown below.


General Option 11zon


Step 3: Now scroll down to the bottom of the General page and select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option as shown.


Transfer Or Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Tap on the Reset option from the list at the bottom.


Reset 11zon


Step 5: Once the context menu pops up, choose the Reset All Settings option by tapping on it as shown.


Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 6: To proceed, this might ask you to enter your iPhone’s passcode.


Enter Passcode 11zon


Step 7: Upon entering the passcode successfully, you have to tap on Reset All Settings from the context menu again for confirming.


Confirm Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 8: This starts to reset all the network settings available on the iPhone.


Fix 2 – Uninstall Snapchat and Reinstall it

Uninstalling Snapchat and then installing it back on the iPhone can eliminate all the possibility of errors or technical bugs within the application for causing such login errors on any iPhone. So try doing this using the steps below.

Step 1: For uninstalling Snapchat, long-press on the Snapchat app icon from the home screen first.

Step 2: Then select the Remove App option from the context menu that appears on the screen.


Remove App 11zon


Step 3: Now tap on the Delete App option as shown in the below screenshot.


Delete App Snapchat 11zon


NOTE – You might again have to tap on Delete App for confirmation purposes.


Delete Snapchat Confirm 11zon


Step 4: This will start to uninstall the Snapchat application from your iPhone in a few minutes.

Step 5: Once it is successfully uninstalled, open the App Store app on your iPhone by tapping on the App Store icon from the home screen.

Step 6: Now tap on the Search option at the bottom of the App Store.

Step 7: Type Snapchat in the search bar on top and click on the cloud-shaped icon on the Snapchat page as shown in the below screenshot.


Cloud Shaped Snapchat 11zon


Step 8: This starts installing the application again on your iPhone.

Please make sure there is a strong internet connection on your iPhone since this needs around 250 MB of data for the app download.

Fix 3 – Update the Snapchat app

An outdated application can sometimes behave weirdly as discussed above in the article. So updating the Snapchat app might resolve this issue using the steps below.

Step 1: Locate the App Store on your iPhone and long tap on it to open its context menu.

Step 2: Once the context menu appears, select the Updates option from the list by clicking on it as shown below.


Updates App Store 11zon


Step 3:  This opens the Account page directly on the App Store application.

Step 4: Scroll down and check if there are any apps readily available for an update.

Step 5: If yes, please tap on the Update All option as shown in the below image.


Update All 11zon


Step 6: After it completes updating, check if the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 4 – Uninstall any third-party apps or plugins on Snapchat

Some iPhone users install some third-party applications or plugins for tweaking the Snapchat services for access. When Snapchat detects such a thing, it will immediately restrict the user from accessing their services and hence the login issues.

So try uninstalling any 3rd-party apps or plugins for Snapchat access.

Fix 5 – Disable the VPN connection

If any VPN connection is active on any device, it will restrict the users from accessing major web pages and allows them to access only certain websites or services on any smart device. So the user has to ensure whether their iPhone has connected to the VPN connection.

If so, they have to disable the VPN and try to access Snapchat on their iPhones. You can disable the VPN on your iPhone using the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, the user has to open the Settings page on their iPhone.

Step 2: Then select the General option by clicking on it as shown in the below screenshot.


General Option 11zon


Step 3: Now tap on the VPN & Device Management option to open it.


Vpn & Device Management 11zon


Step 4: Select the VPN option at the top of the page by tapping on it as shown below.


Vpn 11zon


Step 5: Once the VPN page appears, if there is any VPN connection found, please disable it.

Additional Fixes

Check your internet connection

Nowadays most applications are web-based on smartphones which need good internet connectivity for a smooth run. Snapchat is also one of them that needs an internet connection. So, please ensure that you have a strong internet connection on your iPhone.

For example, you can try accessing any videos on the YouTube app to check the internet connection or try browsing any webpage on Chrome or Safari on iPhone.

If you find the internet connection is weak, try restarting your Wi-Fi router and if possible switch to mobile data when Wi-Fi is weak around you. After the internet signal is strong on your iPhone, try login into the Snapchat app.

Reactivate your Snapchat account

For some reason, users may have deleted their Snapchat account temporarily and this might be causing these types of login issues. So the users have to reactivate their account by logging in to Snapchat using only the username and password before deactivating the account.

NOTE – There is no other way to change the password or use the email address to activate the account within 30 days before the account is deleted permanently.

Recheck your Username and Password

Sometimes, the user may have entered the wrong username and password for logging in to Snapchat. So recheck the username while trying to access Snapchat.