Fix Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found on Chrome

Many chrome users reported “Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found” DNS DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error while using chrome. Here is 100% working method to fix this problem. Note that, more than one methods are described on this page and you do not need to try all of them. It may happen that using any one of them your problem gets fixed. So, lets try to solve this problem.


Dns Probe Finished Nxdomain Error Server Address Not Found


Fix 1 – Change DNS Server settings

1 – Press and hold windows logo key and then press R to open run command box.

2 – Write control panel in it and hit enter key to open control panel.


Control Panel Windows 10


3 – Now, search Network and sharing in search box.

4 – Click on Network and sharing center icon.


Network Sharing Center



5 – Now, choose Change adaptor settings from left menu.


Change Adaptor Settings


6 – Right click on the connection icon. It may be WiFi  or Local area connection / Ethernet in your case.

7 – Click on Properties.


Wifi Properties Windows 10

8 – Now, Double click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Case 1 – If “obtain DNS server address automatically” option is not selected.

Select Obtain DNS server address automatically option and press OK and exit.


If Obtain Dns Server Automatically Windows 10


Case 2 – If “Obtain DNS server address automatically” option is  selected already.

Just select “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.

9 – Now, add the following Google Public DNS service addresses in the field.

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

10 -Press Ok and exit.

Your problem Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found must now be resolved.


Fix 2 – Clear Chrome host Cache

1 – Open Google chrome

2 -Now, copy and paste given below address on chrome address bar and press enter.


3 -Now, Click on Clear host cache button shown on the screen.


Chrome Clear Host Cache


Now, go on and check that your problem has been resolved or not.


Fix 3 – flush the DNS settings via Command prompt


1 – Press windows logo key and R together on your keyboard.

2 – Type cmd in it and then press CTRL+Shift + Enter to open command prompt as administrator.


Cmd Run Admin

3 – Now write the command given below and hit enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

Cmd Flush Dns


4 – Again write the command given below and hit enter.

ipconfig /renew

5 -Once again, execute the command given below and hit enter.

ipconfig /registerdns

6 -Now, Close the command prompt window and reboot your PC.

Most probably your problem must be solved.


Fix 4 – Empty etc folder on your PC

1 – Copy and paste the following location in explorer address bar on your Windows PC.


2 – Now, select and delete all the files here.

Delete Etc Host Min

Do not worry. It is safe. Now, once again open chrome and try to access internet.

Fix 5 – Restart the DNS Client service

1 – Press Windows logo key and R together on your keyboard to open RUN.

2 – Now, write services.msc into it and hit Enter key.

3 – Once the service manager window opens up, select DNS Client service in the right side.

4- Restart the service.


Dns Client Service Restart In Windows