How to take screenshot on your iPhone without using the side buttons

The iPhone from Apple can have great accessibility when it comes to taking Screenshots. Did you know that you can take screenshots without having to press the Hardware button? Follow the steps below to find out more. This method is to take screenshots without using the hardware keys. This will involve enabling the Virtual home button on your iPhone first and then using that to take screenshots.

Part 1: Enabling the Virtual Home Button on your iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2:  Scroll down to select Accessibility.


Accessibility Settings Min


Step 3: From Accessibility select  Touch.


Accessibility Touch Min


Step 4: Next select the Assistive Touch option.


Toggle Assistive Touch Min


Step 5: On the next page, toggle the Assistive Touch option as On.


Toggle Asssitive Touch On Min


Note: You will notice a touch button appear on the iPhone’s screen. This is known as the Virtual home button. You can move this button around and keep it wherever you want on the screen.

Part 2: Take the Screenshot with the Virtual Button

Step 1: To take the screenshot, tap on the Virtual Button on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 2: Tap on Device.

Virtual Button Device Min


Step 3: Next you will see that the Screenshot button is not there in the menu. Select More, the option which has 3 dots.


More Options Min


Step 4: Here you can select Screenshot from the options. This will take screenshots for you.


Screenshot From Device Min


Part 3: Customizing the Assistive Touch to enable Screenshots faster

Step 1:  Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Accessibility and then select Touch and Assistive Touch as earlier and turn Assistive Touch On.


Accessibility Settings Min


Accessibility Touch Min


Assistive Touch Min


Toggle Asssitive Touch On Min


Step 3: Select Customize Top Level Menu from the Assistive Touch page.


Customize Top Level Menu Min


Step 4: Now you can select any of the available options to add a screenshot option in its place. Select the Icon and select Screenshot on the next page, once done click on Done.


Screenshot Option For Icon Min



Screenshot Selection Min


Screenshot Added As Icon Min


Note: In case you do not want to change the existing options, you can always add a Screenshot as an additional button.

Step 5: Select the Plus sign(+) in the middle of the screen.



Plus Sign To Add Screenshot Min


Note:  A plus sign will appear with the other options.

Step 6: Select the Plus sign.


Plus Sign For Screenshot Min


Step 7: Scroll down to choose Screenshot from the next page and click Done.


Screenshot Selection Min


Note: This will allow you to directly access the Screenshot option from the virtual home button.


Screenshot Added As Icon Part 2 Min


Now that you have enabled the Screenshot option you can also customize it with a Single Tap, Double Tap, or even a Long Press of the Virtual button.

Part 4: Customizing the Screenshot with a Single or Double Tap

Step 1: Go to Settings> Accesssibility> Touch> Assistive Touch


Accessibility Settings Min


Accessibility Touch Min


Toggle Assistive Touch Min


Toggle Asssitive Touch On Min


Step 2: Select the Single Tap option.


Single Tap Min


Step 3: From the options on the next page select Screenshot.


Screenshot For Single Tap Min


Note: This can be used for enabling Double Tap or even Long press for the Virtual home button.

That’s all folks!! Isn’t it cool? Hardware keys are also handy, but if you want to control it will virtual keys you can still go ahead and set it. Having the virtual home button is always a handy option for a lot of tasks like screenshots. Hope the article was useful and informative.  Thank you for reading!!