Run a particular Program as administrator by default in windows 10

Windows by default do not let any program to run as administrator and prevent it from making any unauthorized changes to your system. But, sometimes , you just need to run a program as admin to execute specific commands. Here , in this article i will tell you an easy method with which you can always run an installed program as administrator without right clicking every time and choosing run as administrator.


How to run a program as administrator by default in windows 10

1 – Right click on the program shortcut icon and click on open file location.

Open File Location Min




2 – Now, right click on the main executable program.

3 – Click on properties again.


Properties Run Admin Min



4 – Now, click on compatibility from the tabs.

5 – Now, check the option saying Run this program as administrator.



Compatibility Run As Administrator Always


That is it. Now, this program will always run as administrator by default in your windows 10 PC.