Google Reader Sound alert

Everyone uses Google reader these days, but bloggers depend a lot on them. Its the best way to find stuffs from around the world which are updated, are written by guru bloggers and are fresh. Fresh keywords means lesser competition and thus more chances of success when you blog.

But the problem with Google reader is that you will have to kook in to it every time to check that if something new has arrived. Its like opening the letterbox 20 times a day in a city where you never know when the postman arrives.

The solution to this is to play some sound alert when an update happens, so that you get notified about it. You may fool around your flat and can put the speakers at the highest possible volume, so that your whole colony get to know that an update has occurred .

Grain is a simply installable desktop client which automatically alerts you when your RSS reader gets updated. Download Grain from the link below.

Once you install the software , you need to do two things. Firstly you need to put your Google reader user id and passwords in the setting preferences.

rss reader software

rss sound alert1

Next step is to browse and upload an audio file in it.

For lazy people i am giving you the place from where you can download the audio file also.