Alexa ranking method explained

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Do you know how Alexa evaluates rankings. If not then read on.

If you will visit Alexa, they will prompt you to download their toolbar. Of course you are smart enough and you will not download their toolbar at once. But Alexa is addictive and once you start visiting alexa frequently to check yours and others CGPA , one day you will surely download their toolbar to save time. Once downloaded, you will become a part of Alexa sample survey group.

Alexa Ranking method

For example on this earth 10,000 people have Alexa toolbar. What it does is that it keep recording browsing history of those people everyday and stores on their huge databases.

Lets say, Alexa have to track visitor statistics of twitter.

It will watch how many of those 10,000 people ( victims of alexa toolbar ) visit twitter. Now Alexa founded out that approximately 73 people out of 10k visits twitter. Hence Alexa calculated  what we call visitor percentage or reach.

Visitor percentage = 7.3%

Now, Total number of internet users in world = 2 billion

Hence total number of twitter visitors came out to be = 7.3% of 2 billion. = 146 million visitors / day  (My god, whats there server config Anyway?)

Now, in same way it calculates visitors of other websites and prepare a crappy ranking chart.

Note – Now this is the most childish way to evaluate others. How is it possible that people with Alexa toolbar are the ideal crowd with a mixture of interests. Actually these are people with one common interests . They are generally bloggers or webmasters. Now i will tell you how it effects Alexa rankings for Blog with a particular category.

Its been seen that  blogs with topics like seo,blogging, themes,internet etc. reach inside Alexa top 100k websites easily with only 200-300 visitors/ day . But if you have a blog about celebrity, fashion or health  , it will take more than 2000 visitors per day to reach inside Alexa top 1k websites of the world. Thats also the reason why many people (me also but with different reasons) choose internet topics as their blogging career and avoid general blogging topics for their blog.

Clearly lot of them get inspired by alexa graph of these kind of blogs, but let me tell you, It takes internet related blog 1/10th of the visitor traffic to compete with general blog or website.

So, next time your friend who is a SEO blogger boasts you about his alexa rankings, just shut the fcuk up to him.


Note:  The method explained is my personal observed speculation , if Alexa has a secret recipe other than this , then i am also searching for it.

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  1. yes the method used by alexa is not that logical, but it’s really helpful to attract advertisers! I know few of my friends always say Alexa is useless, but real thing is they don’t get good rank and blame alexa 🙂

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