Phone Call directly going to Voicemail instead of ringing in iPhone

Sometimes when we need a break we would have redirected our calls directly to the voice mails. If you are sure you will not have a network, you would like to redirect important calls to voice call so that once you are free, you can get back to them. If you are facing a strange problem that calls go directly to voice mail instead of bringing there might be multiple reasons for it. The common thing which you need to check is the mobile network. If the signal is weak then you need to move to an area where the network is strong. Check your Sim card if it is blocked or not. One of the things that need to be checked is the DND mode. Let us see in the article how to fix this problem with different solutions.

Checking if the Flight mode is activated on the iPhone

Step 1: Scroll down from the right side of the home screen.

Step 2: In the menu that appears check for the Flight mode. The flight mode is indicated with an icon of a plane. Ensure that the flight mode is deactivated.


Control Center Flight Mode Min (1)


Checking for Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down to open Focus from Settings.


Iphone Voicemail Instead Of Ringing Min


Step 3: Open Do Not Disturb from the options and ensure it is turned off.


Do Not Disturb Focus Min


Note: An alternate way to check for Do Not Disturb is to scroll down from the Far right to access the control center. Select the Focus mode by long pressing it. The Do Not Disturb mode will appear which can be turned on or off.

Control Center Focus Min (1)


Do Not Disturb Focus Alternate Min (1)


Checking for Settings on the Phone App

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down to open the Phone app.


Phone App Settings Min


Step 3: Go to Announce Calls from the menu.


Announce Calls Min


Step 4: Select Always from the options.


Announce Calls Always Min


Step 5: Go back to the Phone menu and select Blocked Contacts.


Blocked Contacts Min


Note: Ensure the caller who is trying to reach you is not present in the Blocked Contacts.


Blocked Contacts Empty Min


Step 7: Again go back to the Phone menu and select Call Forwarding.


Call Forwarding Min


Note: Ensure the Call forwarding is not enabled for any number on your iPhone. If call forwarding is enabled then the call might go to voicemail.


Call Forwarding Off Min

Checking for Voicemails

Step 1:  Open the Phone app from your Home screen.


Phone App Home Screen Min (1)


Step 2: Go to the Voicemail section.


Voicemail Phone App Min


Note: Please delete any voicemail from this section. Once all the steps are taken care please restart your iPhone and your issue should be fixed.


Voicemail Empty Min


That’s All!! Hope the article was useful and informative. Comment and let us know if you are facing the issue still, we would be happy to help you. Thank you for reading!!