Outlook cannot logon verify you are connected to the network issue Fix

Outlook is the first choice to track and manage office emails for millions of professionals around the world. The simplicity and efficiency of this mail processing client are top-notch. But, like other email management utilities, this is not completely bug-free. One of those error messages is this – “Outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name.” This won’t let you in Outlook and literally, you can’t do anything unless you fix this issue.


Fix 1 – Run the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

The first thing you should do is to use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assitant tool.

1. Go to the Microsoft Support page.

2. Scroll down to find the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant section. Tap “Download” to download the tool.


Download Sara Min


3. Now, just double-click the “SaraSetup” file to access it.


Sara Setup Dc Min


4. Now, tap “Install” to install the tool on your system.


Install Sara Min


This will just download and install the latest version of the Support and Recovery Assistant tool on your system. Just wait for a few minutes.

5. On the User Agreement page, click “I agree” to proceed further.


Agree Min


6. Now, on the next page, you will see the complete list of Microsoft softwares to select from. Select “Outlook” from that list.

7. Now, click “Next” to proceed.


Outlook Next Min


8. Now you will be asked what issue you are currently facing. You can choose the issue from the options given on the tool like “I’m having problems with shared mailboxes.“.

9. Just tap “Next” to go to the next step.


Shared Mailboxes Min


10. Now, select “Yes” to run this tool on your device.

11. Then, choose “Next” to go to the next step.


Yes Next Min


12. You have to sign in using your Microsoft credentials. Use your email ID and password or use your account again.

13. Once you have logged in, this tool will scan Outlook for any issues and fix them.


Sambit Koley Select Next Min


After running this tool, launch Outlook and check if this works or not.


Fix 2 – Delete the mail account

You can delete the mail account from your system and re-connect it again.

Step 1 – Remove the account

1. Pressing the Windows key+R keys should bring the Run terminal.

2. Now, type “control” in the box and hit click “OK“.


Control Run New Min


3. You will notice the ‘View by:’ on the top-left corner.

4. Just set it to the “Small icons” option.


Small Icons Min


5. Among all the options, tap “Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit)” to open it.


Mail Setup Min


6. On the Mail Setup-Outlook page, tap “Email Accounts…“.


Email Accounts Min


7. In the Account Settings window, go to the “E-mail” section.

8. After that, select the account and click “Remove” to remove the account from there.


Remove The Account Min


9. You will be asked to create an offline cached file. So, tap “Yes” to create a backup file.


Yes 1 Min


Once the backup file it created, the mail account will be removed.


Step 2 – Add the account

Now, you can easily add your email account once again.

1. On the Account Settings page, head on to the “E-mail” tab.

2. You have to create a new account. So, tap “New…” to add your email account again.


New Account Min


3. Now, on the next page, you have to input your mail credentials in the particular boxes.

4. Next, tap “Next” to proceed to the next step.


Email Address Next Min


Now, Outlook will just run some tests to confirm the completion of the process.

Optional Steps –

If you face any difficulty adding your IMAP or POP account, follow these steps.

1. Choose the “IMAP or POP” option. If you use the Exchange ActiveSync, you can choose the “Exchange ActiveSync” option.

2. Then, tap “Next“.


Pop Or Imap Min


3. Now, write your email address, and passwords in the correct boxes.

4. After that, choose the “Existing Outlook Data File” option. Further, click on “Browse“.


Browse Again Min


5. Now, this is very important. Just, select the most current outlook data file that you have created while deleting the email account. Choose that file.

6. After that, tap “OK” to go forward.


Select Data File Min


This way, you can complete this process of re-adding the email account.

This will fix the issue you are facing with Outlook.


Fix 3 – Remove the profile

If removing the account doesn’t work, remove the profile.

1. Press the Win key and the R key.

2. Then, type “control” in the box and hit Enter.


Control New Min


3. Among all the options, click “Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit)” to open it.


Mail Setup Min


4. Now, this time, tap “Profiles” to access it.


Profiles Min


5. On the Mail page, tap “Add…” to add a new profile.

6. Write any profile name you want and click “OK“.


New Profile Min


7. Just write your mail credentials in their designated boxes.

8. Next, tap “Next” to proceed to the next step.


Email Address Next Min


This way, you can easily re-configure the outlook settings again.


Fix 4 – Run the Outlook in Safe Mode

1. Press Windows key+R to access the Run terminal.

2. To start Outlook in Safe mode, copy-paste this code and click on “OK“.

outlook.exe /safe


Safe Outlook


This will start the MS Outlook in safe mode, excluding any foreign add-ins.


Fix 5 – Repair Outlook

You can repair the Outlook.

1. You have to press the Win key and the X keys at once.

2. Then, tap “Apps and Features” to access it.


Apps And Features Min


3. Once you are there, scroll down and look for your Office app.

4. Now, tap the three-dot menu and tap “Modify“.


Modify Office App Min


5. In the Office page, opt for the “Quick Repair” to find a quick resolution of this issue.

6. Then, tap “Repair” to start the repair quickly.


Quick Repair


After this, close the Settings page. Then, try launching Outlook once again. Test if this works.