Now send Note, set alarm and send directions from your computer to Phone via Google

Google have rolled out new features in the Google search box. The same search box which enabled you to calculate numbers apart from search from billions of web pages have now enabled you to send a quick note to your phone device, set alarm clock or send driving directions to your phone. Of course for using these features you must be logged in in your google account the same account which is associated with the android of the phone.

  1. Send directions – Type send directions in your laptop/desktop in google search bar. It will show your current phone location. set the destination where you want to go and click on send directions. The driving directions will be send to phone.
  2. Note to self – Type note to self or send a note in google search box and write the thing you want yourself to be reminded of and the note will be send as notification to your phone.
  3. Set an Alarm – Set an alarm sets the alarm clock in your phone. Just search Set an alarm your computer on google. Just set the alarm at the desired time and your phone will start ringing at that time.



If major social networking giant Facebook can merge Whatsapp and Facebook features, who can stop the big daddy (Google) from experimenting with its own products.