Cannot send message iMessage needs to be enabled: Fix

While you are using the iMessage app to send a message, this message may appear on your screen stating “Cannot send message; iMessage needs to be enabled“. Facing problems sending messages using iMessage is nothing new. So, these solutions will be helpful in troubleshooting the problem with the iMessage.


Fix 1 – Turn on the iMessage

iMessage needs to be turned on for the user to use it in the iPhone.

Step 1 – Go to your iPhone Settings and, later, open the “Messages” app.


messages min


Step 2 – Now, enable the “iMessage” option in there.


imessage min


Step 3 – Simply go down and turn on the “Send as SMS” feature in the same Settings page.


send as sms min 1


After this, retry sending the same message once more and check.

If you can’t send the message in the iMessage app, opt for the next solution.


Fix 2 – Change the Apple ID location

iMessage isn’t supported in all the countries. You must change the Apple ID location to a supported country to use the functionality of iMessage properly.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings tab on your iPhone.

Step 2 – There, find the “Messages” app to open it up.


messages min


Step 3 – Later, as the Messages settings, tap to open the “Send & Receive” settings there.


send and receive min


Step 4 – In there, make sure the email accounts and the mobile number is selected.

Step 5 – Later, tap on your Apple ID in that page.


apple id tap min


Step 6 – Finally, tap to use the “Change Location” function.


change location min


Now you must change the location of the Apple ID to another country where the iMessage facility is accessible (like United States).

Step 7 – Tap to access the “Region” settings.


region change min


Step 8 – Tap the search box to start the search process.

Step 9 – So, just search for “United States” from the search box.

Step 10 – Later, select the “United States” from the search results.


change united states min


Step 11 – Finally, tap the “Save” option.


save it min


This way, configuring the location of your Apple ID should fix the iMessage app.

Go back to the iMessage app and try to send the message after this. Test if this works.